Monday, 23 January 2012

Ophelia's Apothecary

I discovered this Etsy store during a Heartsy frenzy. Ophelia's Apothecary offers a wide range of products ranging from makeup products to face care to even cleaning products. The range seems to be continually changing. When I first ordered, I purchased a set of 20 perfume samples for $20 (US), which I thought was a great price, because the sample vials are larger than the usual sample sizes I've received. They are not listed on the site at the moment, in fact there doesn't seem to be any perfumes listed currently.  I recently ordered full sized perfumes, which are in a roller-ball bottle, and lip balms. I totally recommend the lip balms. They are moisturizing and soft on the lips, not tacky, and have great scents, with a sweet flavour. The lip balms arrived shrink wrapped and are packaged in an oval tube, rather than the typical round tubes.

The perfumes I received

Syrupy sweet vanilla. Not cloying, but rich and with a caramel quality. Warm and scrumptious.

Starts as sweet oranges with a bitter edge, thanks to the fresh ginger note. It is tart and rich. Simple and fresh. Sadly, it disappears rather quickly on me.

Starts off with a sharp note. After wear, the florals begin to soften and become sweeter. A nice, simple feminine fragrance.

I get juicy ripe pear with syrupy vanilla. Vanilla grounds the sweet pear note. This one is not overwhelming. Subtle wafts of this perfume seem to last for hours. Lovely.

*Unfortunately, I don't have site descriptions for these perfumes.

I find that Ophelia's Apothecary perfumes tend to be quite simple blends. I like that the labels for the perfumes and lip balms seem to be waterproof, which is ideal for oil based products.

Customer service is great, staff is friendly and helpful. TAT can vary, but if there is a delay, this is notified and explained.

Other perfumes I've tried are:

Certainly warm spices, not too hot, but delectable. I don't detect much of the pumpkin, it's not as sweet as I was expecting. Just rich in spice. Nice comforting fragrance for the winter months.

Rich nutty chocolate. Smells softened with warmth. Boozy creamy and cocoa goodness..yummmmm!

Syrupy sweet tropical fruits with creamy coconut. It is too cloyingly sweet for me, but my teen daughter really likes it.

Sweet, buttery, vanilla. A simple yet nice foody scent. Not too cloyingly sweet. After drydown it fades somewhat, but the vanillary note remains.

Tart lime, creamy coconut with herbal verbena. The coconut is hidden in the lime and herbal notes. It isn't very sweet, and takes an almost ozonic note after wear. Gives me a slight headache :(

Sweet juicy ripe apples. Quite a nice fresh fragrance. After wear, it becomes slightly smoky, which makes this perfume more appealing.

Tangy, tart tropical sweetness. Has an effervescent quality about this perfume. Nice summery fragrance.

Heady roses. Rose fans will love this blend. Intoxicating floral and feminine. Not one for me, as I'm not huge on straight-up rose blends.

I get juicy, sweet, ripe peach. I can imagine just taking a bite into the juicy flesh. I don't quite get the ginger, but this is nice and summery.

Smoky, spicy woods sweetened with rich vanilla. These 2 notes compliment each other perfectly. Altho sweet, this blend has a unisex appeal. I really like it, would love it in soap, but am finding the perfume quite good, too.

Starts off with a medicinal note. This blend mellows with wear to a sweet, fruity fragrance, with that rich cherry scent. I am sensitive to this one, my skin became red and hot.

I will be placing another order in the near future..I must try their tinted lip balms!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Night Out- FOTN

Not a common occurrence is going out for the night. I'm too old to go on pub crawls regularly, but once in a while is ok :) I love to have fun dancing, and even more so, I love an excuse to go all out with my makeup.

What I used:

More info can be found on EDM Intensive foundation, Majorca Majolica eye liner, Mirenesse Sexy Secret mascara, Silk Naturals Stick Em eye primer, shadow base colour and EDM Walkee Talkee blush here.

Finishing powder used is The All Natural Face's Vegan Mineral Glow in Apricot Kisses. This powder has many uses, but I like to use it as a finishing powder. It gives me a peachy glow, which seems to compliment my skin tone.

Lid colour is a random eye shadow created by mixing similar shades of sample eye shadows. 

Crease colour is Pure Fusion's Matte Deep Moss eye shadow. A dark olive green. This eye shadow goes on quite dark, but is easy to blend out.

Well, the night was fun..recovery seems to take longer these days, tho :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Glitter Sniffer

I was so thrilled when I received my beautifully packaged parcel. I let out a groan when I opened the packaging to reveal some eye shadows from Glitter Sniffer. I should have been relieved, because I'd ordered a year ago, and just assumed that I'd never receive anything from them. This parcel was more of a peace offering, as I'd ordered a neutral set of colours, where instead, I got some bright replacements. It's such a shame that customer service was so bad, because the product is quite good and there are some pretty good sales, but it's not worth the hassle, with this being my 2nd order, and both times were troublesome.

I received some random eye shadows with no labels, not that it matters really..I won't be ordering from them again. In the spirit of writing this blog, I will still review the shadows.

Included was a sheet of paper stating ingredients of each product sold.

Pearly pale pink

Orange in the pot, but applies a more fleshy colour with mauve shimmer.

Forrest green with silver glitter.

Dusty pink with silver glitter.

Matte baby blue

Matte lilac with mauve shimmer

Pale matte pink with gold shimmer

Shimmery orange

Matte green with turquoise shimmer

Pale shimmery gold

Matte purple with gold shimmer

Personally I'm not a fan of mattes with shimmer, I don't like the texture, and I find them hard to work with. I didn't post links, as I'm not sure if these colours are even available.

I must admit, I really like that lid colour!! Oh well, I'm sure I could find the same colour elsewhere..

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Birthday Gifts

Once again, I was blessed with some great pressies for my birthday this year. My 37th..Eeeeek!! Firstly, teasing me from my wardrobe was a parcel from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, or BPAL that I ordered early for my birthday, not expecting it until after my birthday, due to the Christmas rush. I received it a few weeks in advance, but was determined not to test any until the 29th birthday! I succeeded!! :) Amongst samples galore, I ordered O, Dana O'Shee, Jezebel and, of course, Snake Oil. These will be reviewed in the near future.

With birthday money, I ordered some pressed eye shadows from Venemous cosmetics and perfumes from Possets (still awaiting orders..impatiently).

Actual gifts received were:

Makeup bag

This bag will be perfect for travel. It's a nice bronze colour, with 3 separate compartments for storage.

I received a cute goodie bag, containing these:

All from brand SHE, I got rosehip oil 2 shadows and a gold eye liner. I am a fan of rosehip oil, it is in my night time routine, I am yet to use this one.
The eye shadows have good pigment and are easy to use. The following swatches are without primer.

The gold eye liner was smooth to apply and was smudge proof. I want to search for more colours, I'm impressed with this eye liner.

After a quick play (and I do mean quick, very far from flawless application, lol) 

The reason for the late "birthday gifts" post was because I was waiting on these..(so worth the wait)

Magnetic nail polishes complete with magnetic designs. The first time I applied these polishes I struggled with using the magnet,but after a couple of re-applying on some nails (thanks to having the magnet too close, thus smudging the polish, and getting it on the magnet) I was finally happy with the result.

It is really quite simple to do. I just applied a thick coat of polish, while wet the magnet needs to be in a position to just hover over the nail for about 5 seconds..a base and top coat can also be applied. That's it!

I prefer the diagonal lines design, I need to try the vertical lines next!I'm so happy with all my gifts, including, how could I forget??.. the yummy chocolates that I received

Monday, 2 January 2012

New Years Eve FOTN

New Year's was celebrated as a family event this year. We went to a small country town only half an hour away, where a street carnival was held. It was only a small affair, but it was nice having some family time. We were home before 11:30pm, meaning we could watch the fireworks coverage on tv, followed by some 80s music clips, lol. My makeup for the night was quite simple. Neutral, yet some sparkle for the eyes, and some colour on the lips, made up my look for a laid back NYE.

Makeup used:

Instead of applying foundation, I wore Suntanned Sweeties Sugarbaby tinted SPF moisturiser for a natural looking sunkissed glow. (More info here)
Info on mascara, eye liner, blush, base and crease colours can be found here. They are currently my staple makeup items :)
To conceal, I used Garnier's tinted roll-on for under eyes. I often use this for blemishes, too. Not only does this conceal them, but also helps them heal faster. I bought this from Priceline for $15, I believe.
HiFi Cosmetics Crystal Moon eye shadow on my lids, applied over Silk Naturals Stick Em Eye Primer. I LOVE the mineral makeup company, HiFi Cosmetics. In fact, I will have a review coming in the near future.

Custom lipstick care of the talented Michelle from Ritual Eyes. It is a gorgeous watermelon colour in a cute pink chrome tube.

A nice stress free night, beginning with my simple makeup look :)