Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Femme Fatale- Sampling Some More Eye Shadows

I've tried to cut down on buying mineral eye shadows, but when I last ordered some nail polishes from Femme Fatale, I just had to include some sample eye shadows. I feel good purchasing goodies from this online indie company because I am buying local. There's not too many budget friendly mineral make up brands from Oz, and this is one of my faves. Instead of trying to decide what single samples that I wanted, I went ahead and ordered a set of 5 shadows. The Lord of the Centuries collection really appealed to me. I love that you can buy collections in sample sizes as well as full size.

Shifting Sands- Pale golden shimmer.

Sandscale- Golden sand.

Cosmic Power- Pink gold.

Time Lost- Bronzed neutral.

Temporal Shift- Blackened gold.

These are the additional samples that were generously included in my order.

Archangel- Iridescent pink.

The Masquerade- Mauve pink.

Inscribe- Brown shimmer.

Lid- The Masquerade
Crease- Time Lost
Underneath brow- Sandscale
Outer V- Inscribe

I really wanted to create an EOTD using Temporal Shift. I decided to do this by applying the shadow over the the lid colour, The Masquerade, and this is the result: 

Stay tuned for my blog post on Femme Fatale nail polishes :)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Skin 79 Gold BB Cream

Beauty Balms or Blemish Balms, best known as BB Creams have been such a craze haven't they? It's pretty clear that the Korean brands are the best BB creams by far. I haven't tried a lot of the western brands of BB cream, but the ones I have are glorified tinted moisturisers. I do like a tinted moisturiser, but BB creams are a step above in my opinion.
A popular brand of BB Cream is Skin79. This company offers many different variations. The one I recently finished is Gold Label VIP Super Plus.

This BB Cream comes in a 40g container. I really like the pump dispenser. You simply press the top, then the product comes out of the small narrow nozzle as shown in the picture. This is perfect, because the consistency is quite thick and a little goes a long way.
I found that the product was easy to spread evenly onto the face and neck. When I first started using this cream, I was concerned that it would be too heavy, but once applied, there's no heavy feeling. I am given a matte finish, yet my skin feels hydrated.
I love that I am applying a product that not only improves the appearance of my skin, but also protects with sunscreen and I receive the benefits provided by the ingredients that are good for my skin. You can find more details here.
When first applied, the cream gives your face a white caste, but once it warms on the skin, it blends better with the tone of your skin. In summer, it is still too light, however, in winter, when my skin is a lot lighter, the BB cream is fine.
Instead of shelving the cream in summer, I discovered a perfect use for this BB Cream. It acts as a wonderful primer underneath my mineral powder foundations. My imperfections are concealed well and my pigmented skin becomes more even. I find that the only area that I have to conceal are my dark under eye circles.
The BB Cream lasts most of the day, I only find reapplication needed on my forehead, "thanks" to my oily T-zone.

Would I repurchase? I really do like this BB Cream, but I would like to try some BB Creams that offer different shades, as I would like to match my skin colour better. There are so many available that it is just too hard to stick to one brand until I've tried many more!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Kosmea 8th Wonder of the World

For some time I had been really wanting to try Kosmea 8th Wonder of the World Revitalising Facial Serum, it just sounded too good not to give it a go. When I saw a kit being sold on Ozsale or BrandsExclusive, can't remember which, I didn't hesitate to purchase.

This serum contains Rosehip Oil, Hibiscus Extract, Pea Extract and Rose. These ingredients combined  are formulated to make for a wonderful anti ageing concoction. Hydrating the skin is key to preventing wrinkles, whilst giving a youthful plumpness to the skin.
Delivery of this serum is via a pump top, making it hygienic. I found that one pump is enough for the face, another for the neck.
The serum is a light  lotion , white in colour. I like the fresh, natural scent. 
Upon application, I discovered just how quickly the product was absorbed by my skin. I could have easily used this during the day under moisturiser, as there is no sticky residue, but opted to use it at night after applying Retin-A. Using Retin-A dried certain areas of my skin, causing flakiness, something that I had not experienced before. I found that by using this serum helped to relieve my skin from the itchiness and tightness. I was still affected by flaky skin on my chin, but the other areas of my face were left soft, smooth and instantly hydrated.
I'm not sure that this serum would be enough for the driest of skins, but having combination skin, I appreciate a serum that absorbs quickly, without feeling heavy or oily. 
Would I purchase Kosmea 8th Wonder of the World Revitalising Facial Serum? As nice as this serum is to use, I did not experience a huge improvement to the appearance of my skin. I have only used the one bottle, but if I'm going to be spending money on products, I want them to work within the first bottle. One of my flaws is that I am not content using the same product, usually when I've opened a bottle, I already have a different brand to replace it. In my defense, there are so many skincare items on the market, that I feel that I could be missing out on a fabulous product if I don't try something new. Ok, back to the question, I wouldn't be opposed to using this product again, but it's not something that I will be seeking out in a hurry. To be honest, I get similar results just using Rosehip Oil. If you are seeing the very first signs of ageing, this serum would be perfect for you. Approaching 40, I'm certainly past the first signs, lol. 

I will resume my search for the holy grail skincare routine for my skin! :)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Concrete Minerals

Ii's probably pretty obvious that I like to try different companies that sell indie mineral makeup. However, there's only a handful of companies that I continue to go back to for more products. Concrete Minerals is one of these. I won't go on and on like I could, but I do like to purchase the collection, not only are the products in these great (generally eye shadows), but I also adore the cute tins that they come in. I also wanted to try some of the Pro Matte shadows while I was taking advantage of a sale.

The Sugar Skull Collection consists of 6 eye shadows. 

Sweet Catrina- pink neutral.

Calavera- Burnt orange.

Los Angelitos- Aquamarine.

Viva los Muertos- Vibrant purple pink.

Altar of Roses- Rust red.

Saint- Navy blue

As most of my mineral make up eye shadows are shimmers, I've slowly been adding some mattes. Concrete Minerals have a Pro Matte line with gorgeous bright matte shades. Instead of the signature black lids, these shadow pots come with white. I just had to try some!

Ravage- purple.

Ember- Bright orange.

Toxic- Acid green.

HiFi- Magenta.

I really appreciate that not only are these mattes easy to apply, they are not chalky and blend well.

Angel Dust- Pale pink with aqua shift. Such a gorgeous colour, unfortunately it does not appear to be available.

I really like tinted lip products. Colour with the benefit of mositurising for the lips. Concrete lip tints are no exception. Some days I need lip balm, and having a little colour is a bonus.

Lovergirl- Wine.

Phantasm- Coral.

In each order, sample eye shadows in baggies are included.

Lithium- Chrome shimmer.

Arsenic- Deepened purple shimmer.

I had fun playing with these matte eye shadows. I thought what better way to show them off than doing a multi-hued EOTD.
Inner lid- Toxic
Middle of the lid- Ember
Outer lid- Ravage
Upper/lower lashline- HiFi.

Lid- Angel Dust
Crease- Los Angelitos
Outer V- Saint.

I just love adding Concrete Minerals products to my collection :)