Wednesday, 5 June 2013

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Kosmea 8th Wonder of the World

For some time I had been really wanting to try Kosmea 8th Wonder of the World Revitalising Facial Serum, it just sounded too good not to give it a go. When I saw a kit being sold on Ozsale or BrandsExclusive, can't remember which, I didn't hesitate to purchase.

This serum contains Rosehip Oil, Hibiscus Extract, Pea Extract and Rose. These ingredients combined  are formulated to make for a wonderful anti ageing concoction. Hydrating the skin is key to preventing wrinkles, whilst giving a youthful plumpness to the skin.
Delivery of this serum is via a pump top, making it hygienic. I found that one pump is enough for the face, another for the neck.
The serum is a light  lotion , white in colour. I like the fresh, natural scent. 
Upon application, I discovered just how quickly the product was absorbed by my skin. I could have easily used this during the day under moisturiser, as there is no sticky residue, but opted to use it at night after applying Retin-A. Using Retin-A dried certain areas of my skin, causing flakiness, something that I had not experienced before. I found that by using this serum helped to relieve my skin from the itchiness and tightness. I was still affected by flaky skin on my chin, but the other areas of my face were left soft, smooth and instantly hydrated.
I'm not sure that this serum would be enough for the driest of skins, but having combination skin, I appreciate a serum that absorbs quickly, without feeling heavy or oily. 
Would I purchase Kosmea 8th Wonder of the World Revitalising Facial Serum? As nice as this serum is to use, I did not experience a huge improvement to the appearance of my skin. I have only used the one bottle, but if I'm going to be spending money on products, I want them to work within the first bottle. One of my flaws is that I am not content using the same product, usually when I've opened a bottle, I already have a different brand to replace it. In my defense, there are so many skincare items on the market, that I feel that I could be missing out on a fabulous product if I don't try something new. Ok, back to the question, I wouldn't be opposed to using this product again, but it's not something that I will be seeking out in a hurry. To be honest, I get similar results just using Rosehip Oil. If you are seeing the very first signs of ageing, this serum would be perfect for you. Approaching 40, I'm certainly past the first signs, lol. 

I will resume my search for the holy grail skincare routine for my skin! :)

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