Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Glitter Gradient Nails

I love glitter on nails, normally I just cannot get enough! For something a little different, I thought that I would try creating a gradient nail using a glitter polish. This meant that I had to control the amount of glitter applied to my nails, could I do it??

After one coat of Orly Bonder base coat, a step that I now no longer miss when applying regular polish, I applied 2 coats of Orly Liquid Vinyl. This is one of my favourite black polishes, especially if I'm using it as a base colour. One coat would probably be enough, but 2 gives a more even finish. 
Wanting to incorporate an accent nail, I applied Sinful Colors Under 18 polish to both ring finger nails. Sinful Colors have such an array of shades that I always find it hard to choose colours. Under 18 is such a rich,  vibrant red colour, leaning towards orange. What a way to warm up this dreary weather! As with most polishes I use, I applied 2 coats.
Over the base colour, I applied Femme Fatale Tricky Treat glitter polish. This is a polish from the Halloween collection. Predominately an orange glitter, this polish also contains blues, purple and gold glitter. The only thing I am not a fan of is the small glitter strips, even with a thick top coat, the ends seem to peel away from the nail. With each application I began midway of the nails, lightly, then gradually heavier towards the tips of my nails, reversing the process on my accent nails.
A nice thick coat of Seche Vite finishes this manicure. After experiencing just how fast this top coat dries, I now feel comfortable applying a thicker coat, as I think it gives a nicer finish, and is beneficial for smoothing out looks using glitter.

I hope you like my version of a gradient nail :)


  1. Oh wow! Love your nails IndieAna! I really love the gradient!!

  2. Thanks hun. If I was to do it again, I would have used a black gradient glitter on the accent nail, to really reverse the look. :)

  3. Another divine creation scent - I've downloaded this pic, and feel an NOTD/EOTD matching attempt coming on! I particuly love your pinky nail - utterly fabulous and a work of art. Well done and more please :-)

    1. Thankyou, lovely. I'm looking forward to the creation you come up with, I'm sure it will be amazing! :)