Monday, 2 April 2012

Last TMTM Review :(

I am saddened by the news that owner of The Morbid The Merrier, Lysa, is closing shop..maybe never to open again. It's a shame that  such a talent in the perfumery business will not be making available the exceptional and unique perfumes that I have come to love. But, she needs to do what is right for her, even if that means not making or selling perfume.
This is a review I have been planning to do after many other reviews of purchases that have come before, but seeing as there may not be a chance to buy by them, I thought I'd better blog on this fantastic company, even if it means a rushed effort.
Some time ago I received an order that contained a couple of broken sample vials and a missed item. Upon contact, Lysa was quick and all too happy to send me replacements, and promised a surprise. You can imagine how happy I was when this "surprise" turned out to be a Full sized perfume from the Valentine's collection!

Not long after came a too-good-to-miss sale, so I purchased a couple of items.

1891- *amber, rum, spicy clove, smoky wood and moss. A classic, powerful scent.
So many strong notes to create a spicy, yet smooth and totally sexy perfume. I LOVE it on my man!

BARNUM- *A refined and dangerous blend of tobacco, musks, woods, and earth. Sensual, sexy, dark, but slightly sweet.
This delicious scent is spicy, sweet, boozy, dark, smoky. This rich and dark fragrance could be worn by guys and gals, I find it totally wearable.

HISTOIRE DU SECRATAIRE- *mile-high leather pumps, skin tight wool pencil skirt, stacks of filing paper, steaming black coffee, a mahogany desk and a hint of musky perfume.
 I love that although noticeable, the leather note is not at all overpowering, but smoothly blends well. It has a raw sexy appeal to it, that's oh-so-naughty! With all those strong notes, this scent is surprisingly close to the skin, thus not giving much throw, unfortuneately.

KUKU- *Kuku is a stunning combination of sweet neroli, wood, and leather. It's the feminine version of my Black Jack. Opens up sweet and flowery but, like her namesake, should not be underestimated... this lady has quite a dark side!
It begins very soapy on me. After wear, a green floral emerges, giving an earthy tone. It remains dark and...soapy.

LION TAMER- *Juicy plump summer fruit, a squeeze of tangerine and an assortment of audacious white blooms, mellowed and darkened with spice and pepper.
This perfume is rich and zesty. Representing strength and power, with a large ego, as you would expect a lion tamer to have. It has a slight floral side, but this doesn't detract from the dark richness. There are so many conflicting notes, yet this is a well-blended fragrance. Sexy on a man or woman.

PARAMOUR- * A dozen red roses, spilled wine, a hint of blood, and gunsmoke.
Spicy and smoky. This one begins rich and sharp. After wear, the spices mellow slightly to release a dry smoky scent, which sweetens over time.

 From the VALENTINES DAY 2012 collection

FORTUNE- *Creamy ginger, sticky caramel, graham cracker crust and precious woods.
I smell delish salted crackers blended with boozy syrupy goodness. A ginger note lifts this fragrance. Wow, so many components to this complex all combines to make a gorgeous scent that begs to ask the question "What is fortune to you???" I'm so glad I took the chance and bought a full size!

DESTINY- *Rain soaked mimosa blooms, black wood, tea leaves, and longing.
This fragrance is lighter than the normally darker nature of TMTM perfumes. I get an aquatic note that is sweet and appealing. It is woodsy with the black wood and tea. The floral mimosa just seems to make this perfume beautiful and feminine. It is divine, and I feel so lucky to have been given a full size, because I would have missed out on this perfume.

The VD collection is still available on the website.
If interestedin any of the fabulous perfumes, be quick to purchase, before you don't get a chance to buy again (fingers crossed Lysa opens her shop again in future!)


  1. I really miss this shop. There were a bunch I had planned to buy in full sizes and then she shut down before I realised she was even going. :-(

    On the bright side, I do have a full size of Horseman, which I loooooooooooove.

  2. I love Horseman, too. My fave TMTM perfume is Delina. I am a little soured, though, because I placed an order when TMTM was closing down, and didn't receive my order, or a refund for that matter :(