Friday, 29 May 2015

House of Beauty Depechegurl Lip Trio

I seem to be on a lip product binge, especially brights or deep colours. These I have often shied away from for fear of ending up with messy, smudged lips. But, I was slowly worn down by the many images I saw of women wearing some amazing colours. I didn't want to feel left out any longer!

If you can relate, online seller, House of Beauty have such an array of lip shades, you'll be in a world of temptation. This is not my first purchase, I went into the brand more here, and posted my lip swatches here.

I really couldn't resist (story of my life!) the Depeche Gurl collection that I had spotted on Instagram. It's no longer available as a set, but the shades can be bought individually.

Ethereal- A pale nude with pinkish grey undertone.

Revenge- Red.

Gothica- Deep burgundy.

I adore "Revenge". My lips aren't in the best condition to be wearing "Ethereal", but it is a lovely pale shade. "Gothica" is such a gorgeous dark lipstick, but my lack of skill when it comes to application doesn't really do it justice.

I'm enjoying playing with various colours on my lips. House of Beauty are releasing many new lip shades and I can feel another order happening soon...


  1. Oh boy. Another brand for the wallet haemorrhaging list lol. These look beautiful, I reckon you could come up with a few vibrant hybrids by mixing shades too :) That red is just stunning on you, that shade really makes your gorgeous brown eyes pop! Im wondering whether these have a scent? Xo

    1. Mixing them to make custom shades is an awesome idea! I couldn't remember recalling any smell, so went and had a sniff, and nope there's none xx

  2. I agree with Christine, that red shade is absolutely stunning on you!

    1. Thank you Ingrid, that's lovely of you to say xx

  3. The red is stunning ♥ And I think this every time I see your pics but your cheek bones are absolutely gorgeous! :)

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