Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Luscious Lashes and Fuller Brows.

Did I get your attention with the blog post title? We all want beautiful long lashes and fuller brows. For those that already have those attributes, I hate you. Just kidding... but I am envious! In an attempt to try and get my own, I have been using Castor Oil. Thank you Basmah (Lace and Lattes), your helpful post on the benefits of this oil on the lashes got me needing it in my life too!

I purchased Healthy Aim Castor Oil from ebay. It's not really the brand that matters, but I was looking for cold-pressed and natural which is important.

Taken from the Healthy Aim website- "Castor oil is a perfect skin care product that is naturally rich in antioxidants and is very effective as a deep conditioner to heal both skin and hair. Castor oil is a very soothing oil, often used in lip balm and other beauty products."

 The oil is packaged in an amber bottle, with simple screw top lid.

The oil is thick, like really thick, almost a sticky texture.

Rather than a lengthy review, especially never using any other castor oil before, I just thought I would share with you how I use it instead. It's so simple that it fits easily into my morning and evening routines.

While waiting for my eye cream to absorb, I apply the oil to my brows first. Using a cotton bud, I dip an end into the mouth of the bottle, I smooth the oil across the entire brow, concentrating the product more in the sparse areas at the beginning of my brows. Next, I dip the bud into the oil again, but this time I gently scrape the excess off as I take the cotton bud out. I shut my eye, then run the cotton bud along the top of my lashline, right wear my lashes begin. This allows the oil to be applied to the upper and lower lashes. No hassles and so quick. I have always ensured that I don't apply too much to my lashline. Castor oil is totally fine if it enters the eye, but it causes blurry vision for a while.


Using for almost a month.

Granted, there's not a massive difference, I can see a little lengthening and more volume to my lashes, and more fullness in my brows, or is it wishful thinking? I am more than happy to continue treating my lashes and brows with castor oil, hopefully it will be all worth the "effort".

Would you try castor oil on your lashes/brows?


  1. Even if you just see a little difference, it's definitely better than none! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  2. Wow! You can see a difference! I used to use coconut oil in the same way, lanolin too! ill definitely give castor oil a go! Xo

    1. I hope the castor oil works for you, Christina. Oh, I'm such a huge fan of coconut oil, haven't yet tried it on my lashes, tho xx

  3. I heard this tip too, it was just after I bought an Ardell product for $20ish from Priceline. I've seen no difference with the Ardell. I've already decided to use it up then buy castor oil. I might try coconut oil on one side & castor oil on the other.

    1. Very interesting trial. Do let me know how you go!