Thursday, 28 May 2015

"Lanvin Me" by Lanvin

Description- "Top notes from Lanvin Me introduce delicate floral notes supported and sweetened by fruity zest of blueberry combined with licorice in the heart. Seductive hues are offered by intense tuberose complimenting sweet-fruity passions rounded on the fascinating base."

Just bear with me while I take in this lovely fragrance.... ok, I'm back. Blueberries and licorice, mmm, what a combination. But, before you think gourmand, this perfume is not. It wasn't until I read the description that I knew licorice was even a note in this blend. I can detect now that I know, but it adds depth and density, rather than a sweet obvious stand out addition. I believe it actually creates a masculine side to this fragrance.

There's warmth and heady florals, just intensified with the tart fruitiness of blueberries. 

"Lanvin Me" is no wallflower, she's sexy and bold. Forget a silk negligee, this scent is all raunchy lingerie! Oh and she might be carrying a whip, too!

I'm disappointed that I only have the tiniest bit left in my sample!

What's your latest perfume love?

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