Monday, 18 June 2012

Arcadian Designs

I stumbled across Arcadian Designs whilst reading a forum. The scents sounded quite appealing to me, so of course I had to place an order. The perfumes are available in 8 or 15 ml roll-on bottles, which I find very convenient, mess and fuss free. The screw top lids are silver, which I find quite classy.  At time of purchase, samples were available to order coming in tiny jars with screw-top lids, now they are available free of charge (3) with any purchase over $25. Hair clips and jewelry are also available in this Etsy store.
My order was processed quickly, and packaged well.

WARM CITRUS: *Lime, pineapple, paprika, and just a touch of sandalwood.
Rich sweet and tart. This perfume has a warmth and is a deep scent, like syrupy oranges. It is a comforting scent, that has a touch of zing to brighten it slightly. This fragrance is easy to wear anytime. Very nice.

SECRET GARDEN: *A mysterious garden oasis where you can soak up the morning mist and inhale the sweet flowers. You may never want to leave. Fresh fig + sweet orchid + tonka bean.
This perfume is beautiful. The florals are soft and delicate and gain a powdery quality. The fig gives it a sweet fruity note, whilst the tonka bean provides a rich note to ground this feminine fragrance. I find this perfume unnassuming, yet it makes a gentle appearance that is enticing, yet innocent in nature.

LOVE'S EMBRACE: *Interpretation of the popular Victoria's Secret Love Spell (one of my personal favorites). This is a fruity, but grownup, scent with notes of grapefruit, sweet clementines, peach, black currant, rose, and sweet musk.
A bright, bubbly combination of fruitiness and florals. Nothing special, but quite pretty and feminine. It doen't have much throw on my skin, unfortunately.

GIDGET: *A fun, youthful, surfin' scent. A mixture of banana, pineapple, peach, creamy coconut, and vanilla mixed with light girly florals of jasmine, lillies, and violets wrapped up in ocean water.
I love this blend that is easily detected as being tropical. Tart, creamy, juicy. Conjures up images of cocktails by the beach. I love it, and it has some great longevity on my skin.

ANNA'S DRAGON: *Apples, pomegranate, and a bit of fiery cinnamon.
Nothing goes better with apples than cinnamon. This slightly spicy, fruity perfume is sweet, syrupy and has just the right amount of tartness. This fragrance is warm and appealing. Very nice, a fave apple based perfume in my collection.

FIT FOR A QUEEN: *This scent evokes warmth and regality. A good balance of sugar, tonka bean, cocoa, amber, and light floral.
This perfume manages to maintain depth, thanks to the tonka bean and cocoa, yet has an ozonic quality, with floaty soft florals. Very nice feminine perfume, perfect for any occasion.

I like that the scent list is not overwhelming, and the descriptions are simple so it's easy to make a selection. Certainly worth trying :)

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