Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Evil Shades Cosmetics.

Evil Shades Cosmetics is an indie mineral makeup company that has a goth feel, but with a cutesy side. I instantly found the packaging appealing, along with the bright, sparkley eye shadow shades. On a shopping frenzy, thanks to a weekend of sales, I ordered some eye shadow samples and an eye shadow creme, which are named Spectrum Pots. Also available are lip products, blush, face powders, primers, concealers and even skincare.
The products arrived in a cute pink drawstring bag. The samples are packaged in small clamshell containers, and the Spectrum Pot comes in a typical eye shadow jar.

CHUSI: Bright purple shimmer.

BROKEN DREIDEL: Sky blue shimmer.

PANIC: Pinky peach shimmer.

FAERIE SECRET:  Medium brown with lime green shift.

AMULET: Plum with purple shimmer.

WANDERFLOWER: Teal shimmer.


I found this waxy product hard to apply. It is recommended to use a stiff eye liner brush or finger for best results. I used my finger, and found it quite a patchy application. Fine to use as a liner, but I don't think that I'd apply all over the lid, as a base for loose eye shadow, my reason for buying this product.

Above I am wearing Broken Dreidel on my lid, Chusi under brow, with Amulet in crease and lower lashline.

Here I have Wanderflower on my lid, under my brows is Faerie Secret.

I was impressed with the texture and pigmentation of the shadows. The only thing I wasn't content with was the packaging of the samples. Only because I'm not a fan of clamshells, as I find spillage to be a common occurrence when opening.

I would like to try the lip products, and the blushes look appealing too.


  1. amazing! Love the purple and blue!
    I have 2 lipsticks and both are fab. One is a purple which I thought was a dupe for Illamasqua Underworld!

  2. Oh dear, I'm definitely going to have to purchase some lipsticks now, thanks Su!! :)