Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dr LeWinn's Primer and Foundation

I was lucky enough to be given Dr LeWinn's primer and foundation to trial thanks to health and beauty website Beauty Heaven. I'm not much of a liquid foundation wearer, but I was more than happy to try, especially being well known and loved brand, Dr LeWinn's. 

Dr. LeWinns Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Primer is designed to prepare skin for foundation. Marketed as an anti-ageing product, this primer promises to allow makeup to glide over skin, making the face a perfect canvass, no matter what the skin concern. The formula contains Dr LeWinns patented ingredient, Evermat™. This technology's purpose is to visibly reduce the appearance of pores and absorb excess oils, without over-drying. Skin can be expected to have a youthful glow. 
This primer is packaged in a 30 ml glass cylinder shaped bottle. It contains a pump dispenser, with a small nozzle, making for accurate delivery of product. 
A little of this light weight product goes a long way. It just glides evenly over the skin, making skin feel soft and smooth. Hydrated, but not oily. 
What I was most impressed by this primer was the youthful glow that I got. I have never had this with a primer on its own before. Often I use a primer to prep the skin for makeup, but only with Dr LeWinns Primer have I received actual anti-ageing skincare benefits. 
It was clear just how beneficial using this primer before makeup was. My lines seemed to have been smoothed over, preventing foundation to settle, especially the very visible crows feet. Also, my annoying enlarged pores were not so noticeable. 
Although a very hydrating product, the primer kept my t-zone less oily. Generally, foundation disappears from my forehead due to oil, thanks to combination skin. But using this primer ensured foundation to stay put for most of the day. 
I often have to be careful with what I put on my skin, as I can break-out with certain products. Not with this primer, in fact my skin is actually looking clearer! 
I am very impressed with Dr LeWinns Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Primer. I have used a few primers in my time, and this is my hands-down favourite!

Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation contains anti-ageing ingredients such as rose stem cells, tourmaline, hyaluronic acid. This foundation also offers sun protection, formulated with an SPF factor of 15. This foundation claims to offer long-lasting and great coverage. Smoothing out the appearance of lines by providing sufficient hydration. Offering six shades, there shouldn't be a problem matching skintone. 
This foundation comes in a glass bottle with 30 ml of product. Delivery of product is achieved easily via the pump-top dispenser. This makes for a more hygienic application. The only thing I was not content with, was that I often accidentally begin to unscrew the pump-top cap during handling. 
I found that when I applied with fingers, I only needed a couple of pumps for face and neck. Only a small amount is necessary of this light weight foundation. 
What I noticed upon first application, was just how easily it glided over my skin, ensuring an even coverage. I rarely use liquid foundation, I've honestly never been able to apply it without a patchy finish This liquid is just so easy to use, that even I can manage a flawless application. 
After some experimentation, I discovered that applying with fingers gives a sheer to medium coverage, where as using a brush gave me a more heavier coverage ,making it quite versatile. 
Whichever way I applied, I found that it never looked cakey. I had a silky finish, that felt neither dry nor tacky, my skin felt like, well, skin. I just loved that my face looked so natural, like a better version of my own skin. I have a lot of pigmentation, which almost disappears under the foundation. My fine lines and pores appear reduced, and thankfully, no foundation settles in these areas. 
My skin is given such a youthful glow, it looks soft and dewy, but not at all oily. 
Wearing it in conjuction with the Dr LeWinns Primer means I can have long wearing coverage. Thanks to combination skin, my forehead becomes oily during wear and I have to touch up at least once during the day, even though I would normally wear a powder over liquid foundation. I am happy to say that Dr LeWinns Foundation did not slip off my forehead. I did not experience any adverse reactions. In fact, it was the opposite, I have been experiencing much clearer skin Not only during wear, but even after removal, my skin feels soft and smooth. 
I really cannot rave about just how much I am loving Dr LeWinns Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Foundation. I have not even slightly been tempted to use any other foundation since receiving this outstanding product. Dr LeWinns, you have converted me from a mineral powder foundation user to a liquid user!

Here is a pic of me wearing the primer and foundation. I really love the coverage and finish :)

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