Monday, 21 October 2013

Nail Polish Storage

For a long time now, I've stored my nail polishes in a set of large plastic drawers. Apart from running out of room, I had another problem. I found that I wasn't using various polishes, because I just couldn't see them. I spent a lot of time googling different ideas. Although there's some lovely storage shelves, I didn't want to pay 100s of dollars. FINALLY, I come up with something that I am extremely happy with.

Um, sorry about the wonky pic, but it really is square, lol.

Now for the best part...the step shelves I bought from Kmart in the homewares department for $7 each. the metal shelf case was $15 from Bunnings. So, with a total of $46, I now have nail polish storage that I am content with :) 


  1. I'm loving this, M! It's so organised, visible and affordable! Only thing is...will you have extra dusting to do? LOL!

    1. Thanks hun. I hate dusting, but hey I'm willing to endure it ;)