Wednesday, 3 May 2017

April Empties

Today I have some trash to show you! That's certainly a charming way to introduce a blog post. But, hey we all know that crazily another month has passed us by, and I am here to show you the products that I finished in April.

Another month, another handful of products.

Skinn AM Cleanser- I finally finished off the last of these gel cleansers, I had been buying back ups and there were quite a few in my skincare stash. I made the process of finishing this product quicker by also using it to clean my makeup sponges.
Repurchase? I enjoyed this Skinn cleanser, but am switching to only using creamy cleansers.

Skinn PM Cleanser- A lovely creamy cleanser that doubles as a deep cleansing mask.
Repurchase? At this stage I still have 2 more that I am happy to use.

Acure Day Cream- I bought this day moisturiser from iHerb. Packed with goodies and none of the nasties, I had to try it.
Repurchase? It's a lovely moisturiser that I will be sure to replace when in need of another.

Re EGF Repair Serum- I bought this serum from Catch of the Day. I had never heard of the brand, let alone the product, but a great deal and decent ingredients list encouraged my purchase.
Repurchase? No need, I have a back up that I am happy to use.

NIOD Myrrh Clay Mask- I bought this mask during the Black Friday Sales. It is unlike the clay masks I have used in the past. It is thick, but easier to work with.
Repurchase? I enjoyed how it deep cleansed my skin and left it feeling soft. I would consider buying again in future.

YBF Perfect Prep Face Primer- I bought this mini face primer as part of a YBF pack on TVSN. It has a silicone feel and allows makeup to smooth over well. It blurred fine lines and pores.
Repurchase? I think it's a nice product, but can get more easily accessible primers that perform just as well.

Models Prefer Argan Infusion Liquid Concealer- A creamy concealer that I used to highlight and conceal my under eye area.
Repurchase? I currently don't need a concealer, but the Models Prefer Liquid Concealer is one that I enjoyed using and would buy again.

MBA Cosmetics Lipstick sample in Drama Queen- A creamy lipstick that not only feels comfortable on the lips but also is nicely pigmented.
Repurchase? Although I enjoyed the sample, I have other lipsticks that are this pink shade and I don't feel the need for a full size.

Dermal Therapy Hand Balm- I finished this travel sized hand cream. It is a thick moisturiser that absorbs quickly, yet keeps hand hydrated for hours.
Repurchase? When in need, I will replace this hand cream.

There are 2 products unfinished that I am removing from my stash. The Mirenesse Cougar Mascara is quite a nice product, but I'd had it for too long and it had dried up. I am saying goodbye to the Makeup Revolution liquid eye liner because I just don't like it. The formula isn't bad, although I'd prefer a matte finish. It's the applicator that I don't like, it has a plastic tip, which I found harsh to apply. I didn't pay much for this product, so am not bothered by throwing it away.

Well, that's it for my April Empties. How did you go? Did you use many products in April?

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