Monday, 8 May 2017

Skinn Hydro-Vital Deep Moisture Eye and Face Trio

The Skinn live shows on tv shopping network TVSN tempt me every time. The creator Dimitri is passionate about his products that it's hard not to watch a demonstration without buying something from his range.

The Hydro-Vital Deep Moisture Eye and Face Trio is just another skincare pack that I could not resist buying.

From TVSN- "Deep Moisture Replenishing Eye cream gives your eyes a wake-up call and combat the look of dry, dull and sunken looking skin with this delicate, yet potent blend of antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, botanical and fruit extracts.

Deep Moisture Replenishing Serum dual action serum works on many levels to treat dry skin. Enriched with various forms of Hyaluronic Acid, botanical butters, oils and fruit extracts that work in synergy to deeply hydrate and effectively attract, bind and prevent moisture loss. Milk Thistle extract, highly concentrated with essential fatty acids, helps to improve moisture retention and soothe dry skin. Skin will be left looking stunningly youthful and revitalised.

Deep Moisture Replenishing Cream acts to revive, quench and balance parched skin with this lightweight yet highly concentrated blend. Resurrection Plant from South Africa, named for its extraordinary drying tolerance and unique survival capabilities to withstand long periods of drought."

Because I started using these products at the same time, I thought I would review them together in the one post. Both the eye cream and moisturiser come in tubs. I really would have preferred airless packaging so I wasn't dipping my fingers into the product. The serum is in a dual chamber bottle that has a pump dispenser.

The first thing I noticed was the scent of these products. I wasn't expecting a fruity floral scent. It's a pleasant fragrance that doesn't last long after application. 


In this set I apply the serum first. Using the pump releases both sides of the dual chamber. There is a white serum that is creamy, the other is more of a gel. Once applied it absorbs into the skin quite quickly. The eye cream is the thickest of the trio, with the moisturiser being slightly less dense. Although both rich, the creams just melt into the skin.

This set of 3 products certainly pack a punch in the hydration department. I have combination skin that has become on the drier side as opposed to my oilier younger years. Although I don't have the dry skin that this trio is targeted towards, it's not so rich that it sits on my skin. My skin absorbs the products well enough that I can wear the products during the day without any worry about waiting too long between product applications.

My favourite out of the trio is the eye cream. It has done wonders at plumping the skin around this area which is reducing the look of crows feet. I am enjoying the extra hydration from the other 2 products, but at this stage my major concern is pigmentation which is not a problem that is addressed by this trio. 

Those with dry skin, get this trio, your skin will love you for it!

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