Monday, 15 May 2017

Simply Nails 2017 #2

I was gifted some pretty nail art designs and cute embellishments from a lovely lady from Portugal who I am friends with on Instagram. Her account is @sarahpequena. She sells them, but sent some to me with no expectations of blog post or review purposes.

The hardest part was choosing what to use first! I decided to use some of the blue diamantes, which went perfectly with the one in the floral design positioned in the 3rd row, last 2. 

To go with the blue theme, I wanted a purple toned ombre. I chose Models Inc Opalescent as a base colour, using 2 coats. 

To create the ombre, I painted a line of Opalescent onto a sponge repeating with a line of Australis #bethatgirl right next to it, overlapping slightly. I then positioned the sponge so that the purple polish would be placed on the tips of my nails. With a dabbing motion, moving up and down slightly, I was able to create the ombre. I hope I'm making sense! If you google ombre or gradient nails, there's plenty of helpful tutorials available.

Once the ombre was dry, I painted a clear nail polish onto my middle and ring finger. I then placed the floral design onto my middle finger and then 3 blue diamantes onto my ring finger.

The mani turned out so pretty and feminine. Bridal nails anyone? I'm glad I could make the floral designs work on even my stumpy nails. I can only imagine just how beautiful they would be on longer nails!


  1. Oh I saw this on your Instagram. So pretty, I love this nail look, and what a lovely friend you have!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Thank you, Di! I am so happy with the way it turned out. Oh yes, Sarah is a lovely lady xx

  2. I love the look! What kind of sponge do you use for this?

    1. Thank you! This time I used a makeup sponge, those wedges you buy in a huge pack. But, I have also used sponges you use for washing up and they work well, too xx