Monday, 29 May 2017

Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Sheet Mask

I have heard so many great things about the Skincare Republic sheet masks, so I finally got my hands on one to try. I ordered the Collagen Infusion through Beauty Heaven's generous rewards system where I was able to swap earned points for products on offer during Beautorium events. You can read more about the rewards program here.

Taken from Skincare Republic- "Moisture boosting marine collagen, elastin and vitamin E rejuvenate and revitalise the skin's elasticity tone and firmness. Promoting healthy skin and minimising the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines, helping your skin look younger and glow with vitality."

The sheet mask is packaged in a foil packet that simply needs to be torn open. I did detect a fragrance, but it was very subtle.

The sheet mask fit to my face well, having the typical holes for eyes, nose and mouth. I like that it was drenched in the serum, but not to the point of being too slippery to not only place on the face, but it stayed put.

I felt comfortable leaving the mask on for around 30 minutes. It was nice to pamper myself without needing to remove product. When I took off the face mask, I used the sheet to massage my hands and also my neck and decolletage, making sure not to waste any of the serum.

My skin felt tacky for a little amount of time, but it didn't take long to fully absorb. My face felt so lovely and hydrated that I did not feel the need to apply any of my regular serums, just my night cream.

Not only hydrated, but my skin felt soft and plump and looked more radiant. Even the next morning before my usual skincare routine, my skin looked refreshed and the fine lines were less visible.

I need to use the Collagen Infusion Sheet Mask again so am now going to take a further look on the Skincare Republic website to order this sheet mask and of course some others on offer!

...and now for the obligatory photo of me wearing the scary sheet mask

Are you a fan of sheet masks?


  1. Haha love the pose!

    I've yet to decide whether or not I like sheet masks. Granted, I've only used 3 & they've all been from the same brand (Karuna); but I am open to trying some others & in fact, have a couple from Andalou Naturals just waiting to be busted open. I'm saving them for another occasion. I will admit they're not quite as messy as your traditional clay masks, which is a bonus.

    1. I've only just gotten into sheet masks, as I get older and my skin changes, I've been choosing more hydrating masks and I just love how fuss free these are xx

  2. I'm the same, I have to remember that I need more hydrating masks for my skin as it needs more moisture more than anything.

    1. I have found it hard to get out of the habit of seeking out clay masks. I do like using them from time to time for congestion, but I need more hydration xx