Sunday, 5 February 2012

Poison Apple Apothecary

 When I'd seen previously that there was a possibility of perfume seller, Poison Apple Apothecary being listed on Heartsy, I decided to purchase some samples. I'm so glad I did, because with the voucher that became available after my samples had arrived, luckily, I was able to buy a couple of full sizes previously sniffed. My purchase consisted of 2 full sizes, and of course the temptation was too great not to grab some samples as well. The parcel came in black paper, with a cute red ribbon.

When I hastily unwrapped my package, I discovered that my samples were stored in an adorable labelled tin.

As seen in the pic above, the full sized perfumes ordered were:
HATTER'S TEA PARTY- This bottle boasts a cup of tea, a dash of spices, a crisp butter cookie, and a generous helping of blood orange.
This is a fun, bright, fragrance. Tart, sweet and slightly bitter. I love how it conjures images of a tea party hosted in the warm sun, surrounded by lush green grass and a flurry of guests devouring tea and cookies. After wear it powdered down to a softer scent, yet all the elements are still noticeable.

STAR CROSSED: *(not listed at time of post)
Feminine floral fragrance. A somewhat green herbal quality at the beginning, not too bitter or sharp, but crisp. This soon softens and becomes soapy, for want of a better word, as it is far from a bad perfume. Like a fresh, just washed scent, nice and mild.

Total sample perfumes that I've tried:

PUMPKIN COACH: *(not  listed at time of post)
Bakery and heavy on spices. This scent is foody but not cloyingly sweet. The sweetness of the pumpkin appears after drydown...YUMMMM!

WHITE RABBIT- *This perfume is sweet and creamy with notes of White Chocolate, Sassafras, Caramel, and Cognac.
Milky white chocolate. So smooth, delectable and easy to wear. Soft and creamy. Such a dreamy fragrance. It's so unfortunate that my skin eats this one up, and it disappears way too quickly :(

QUEEN'S RED RAGE- * Sharpest red roses, tempestuous clove, and deep vanilla musk.
As I was expecting, this scent has spice. It is well blended with intoxicating florals. On me, it is quite close to the skin. I get the occasional lovely wafts of perfume. Beautiful and feminine scent, with a little bite. Reminds me of some TMTM's spicy florals, with less throw.

SWEET ALICE- *Black currants, a generous scoop of sugar, and strawberries growing wild throughout the forest.This blend evokes the sweetest qualities of our dear curious Alice in a blend of rich buttercream, tart.
Not only is Alice sweet and fruity, but she develops a smoky side. A sexy fragrance!

GILDED- *(not listed at time of post)
Tart lemony fragrance that is also rich with syrupy goodness. Dries down to a lemon sugar. Nice simple scent. Bright and sweet.

LADY VICTORIA- * (not listed at time of post)
Smells to me like heady, sweet roses. She's an intoxicating perfume that powders down after wear. Soft and feminine.

MADAGASCAR- *(not listed at time of post)
Rich, super sweet, syrupy vanilla. Too cloying for me, gave me a headache.

DECEMBER POISON- *Deep purple figs offer a sweet top note while golden amber and fragrant myrrh offerings round out this perfume.
Frosty florals. These floral notes have a touch of bitterness, but there is enough sweetness to make this fragrance easy to wear. A feminine and rich earthy blend. Very nice.

QUEEN BEE- *(not listed at time of post)
Dripping honey with a hint of florals, maybe blossom. Lovely soft, clean scent. Becomes powdery on me.

PIRATE ANNE- *A bit of timber, a swig of rum, a dash of patchouli, and a soft vanilla dry down combine to create this bawdy blend.
She's boozy, woody and spicy. This perfume is raw and sexy. For such strong notes when wet, on me this fragrance is quite mild, without much throw. All too quickly, this perfume resembles soap, nice, but too close to the skin.

Online store owner Angela Rogers describes her store in her own words as " We are a darkly romantic perfumery with our roots in haunted Savannah, GA. We offer a large selection of hand blended artisan perfume oils, sugar scrubs, and whipped soaps. Don't forget to pick up some of our very own Embalming Cream, our rich body butter concoction that is a cult favorite among our customers. Our one of a kind scents are inspired by folklore, ghost stories, and bygone eras. We hope that you can find something to love!"

I found shipping fast, service good and I just loved the product labelling and packaging.

I would really like to try the Embalming I guess another purchase will be in order :)


  1. Have you tried our new line recently?

    1. No, I haven't, but I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for notifying me, Jessica xx

  2. Have you tried our new line recently?