Friday, 16 March 2012

Aromaleigh V2 Holly Days

With a sale like 4 eye shadows for $12, I found myself placing an order, as I so often struggle resisting. Ok, I usually don't even try resisting! A few of Aromaleigh's newest collections "Holly Days" eye shadows caught my eye, so in my virtual "shopping cart" they went.
The collection is described on the site as " We drew our inspiration for this collection not from the typical palettes of red, green, silver and gold that you are bombarded with during this time of year, but from the beauty and charm of vintage holiday images"
Along with the eye shadows I had ordered, included in my order were 3 eye shadow samples.

MORE FRUITCAKE: * Peach with gold sparkle.

PEACE ON: *Flesh colour with gold and fuchsia shimmer.

PASS THE GLOG: Plummy pink shimmer.

NAUGHTY OR NICE: Taupe with multi-coloured shimmer.


The other 2 samples We're All Mad Here and Sonia have bee previously swatched.


On the lid is Peace On, below brow is Pass the Glod and crease is Naughty or Nice.

All version 1 and limited edition eye shadows are only $3 each. There are now some GC collections, can't wait until these collections are expanded :)


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Love your blog, the mineral eye shadows are amazing!!
    You give lots of good tips and inspirations!!!
    I found you as I just bouth a DYI Bluesky Shellac kit and notice that you have one too, can you please give some tips on how to use it!! I normally can do my own nails alright, not perfect but alright... I'm afraid I will struggle with the kit!! HELP, PLEASEEEEEE!!! XXX

  2. Hi there, thanks so much for checking out my blog. Funny that you mention the Bluesky Shellac, in the near future I will be blogging on it in more detail. The 1st time I used the Bluesky was a fail. The 2nd time, I took more care to try and not coat my cuticles, because as your nail grows, the polish can lift. I found that importantly, coats need to be applied thin. Each coat I paint on, then go over with the brush, "scraping" excess back in bottle. Also don't forget to seal the nails, by running the brush across the ends of your nails. I hope these pointers have helped, and please don't hesitate if you have any more questions, altho, I will add that I am no expert by any means. Thanks again :)

  3. Cool, thanks for the tips, I have got the kit for my birthday last week and it will take about a month to be delivered, can't wait to try, problem is I am 8 months pregnant now and doc said I can't have nail polish on if I need a c section!! If that thing takes around 15 minutes to remove I think I will have to wait... Maybe I will try on my toe nails then!!
    Would be so cool if you do a review, I search the net and could not find much about Bluesky, some people just saying it is crap as it is a cheap immitation of Shellac, others saying they don't notice any difference between the brands, other people saying horror histories about having a reaction to the product, but I guess you can have the best quality product in the world and still have a reaction, so that does not mean anything to me...
    Anyway I never had a Shellac or any gel nail product done so I will not be able to tell any difference, I have stuck with OPIs and Mavallas and other similar brands so it will be a trill trying something new!!

  4. Good luck with waiting, lol, it is a good idea to be safe, tho. Wow 8 months pregnant, you must be excited, and probably so over being pregnant :)
    I did some searching for info on bluesky, too, and couldn't find anything, and just decided to go ahead and buy it. I'm glad I did. I have had a Shellac mani, and the biggest difference for me was the Shellac seems thicker, like gel nails. The bluesky doesn't seem much thicker than nail polish, but is long lasting and shinier. I want to buy some Shellac to compare, it's just a question of money at the moment, because I'd want to buy top, base and colours, and they're rather pricey.
    Good luck with the pending arrival of your bub :)

    ps. If you can, please let me know how you go with the bluesky system

  5. Should take another 3 weeks to get here, I will be 35 weeks then, will ask the doc if I can have nail polish in my toes though... Not the same effect but at least I help with my urge to try!!! Mainwhile will let my nails grow a bit as they are rather short!!

    Great that you like it, I had a look on Shellac too, very expensive!!! I thought in buying the base and the top coat if I don't like the BlueSky but I saw somewhere that the lamps are different, the lamp that comes with mine kit is a 3W, aparently the Shellac needs a stronger one.
    I will take some pics when I have it done and will email for you my final results, if you want to put in the blog it is fine!! XX