Monday, 7 January 2013

To Repurchase or not to Repurchase- Elucent Serum.

I was given the opportunity to trial the Elucent range, thanks to Vibe Village. I had never heard of this brand before, but I have heard of the Australian company Ego, a well known brand that Elucent had been developed.

This anti-ageing serum contains goodies such as, Vitamins B3, C and E. The active component of AHAs provides an effective chemical exfoliant. This aids to rid skin of dead cells, which cause such ageing effects like wrinkles.
The concentration of AHA is 16 %, so a patch test is recommended, especially so for those with sensitive skin.
The serum comes in a 30ml tube. Product is easily dispensed through a small nozzle, ensuring better control of this transparent gel  formula. A little goes a long way.
Being a gel formula, it glides easily over the skin. I did find my skin felt a little tacky after initial application. However, after a short period of time, my skin absorbed the product, leaving my face and neck feeling soft and silky smooth. I was also surprised at how hydrated my skin was after using a gel product.
After using a tube, the only adverse reaction was a slight tingling. This was only because I had naughtily picked at blemishes.
This product gave my often dull skin more of a youthful glow, thanks to the exfoliating properties. The hydration was a welcome bonus.
Would I use again?? When I feel I could do with an AHA treatment, I would certainly reach for the budget friendly Elucent Serum :)

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