Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I love an excuse to do a full face of makeup, taking my time to apply (or play, lol), so when invited out for dinner for a friend's birthday, it was the perfect excuse. I don't get out much these days, lol.

The products that I used for my face were:

I really like Skin79 BB Cream, there are many options, but to be honest after trying this, the pink and orange version, I don't see a difference in either. In saying that, I like the coverage and finish of this BB cream. It is fine on its own in winter, but in the warmer months it is way too light for my skin colour. What I really like to use it for in summer, is a primer. I find using this product as a primer, means I don't need to conceal, well apart from under my eyes. It gives me a great base for foundation.

I often use a powder mineral makeup foundation. I used a mix of Everyday Minerals Intensive tan and Sunlight Kaolin finishing powder to lighten to suit my skintone. I am actually trying to use up my EDM face products, so I can start using other brands, however, I am happy with the finish of this mix. The coverage isn't too heavy, and I don't feel the need for a finishing powder. I love how it gives that blurred out soft and natural look.

I bought this concealer sample in light/medium from Performance Colours. I use it under my eyes. It lightens and conceals my dark circles quite well, after wear, it does often settle in fine lines. This happens with every concealer I use, anyway. The best method of application, is to warm the product on the top of my hand, then swirl my concealer brush in the product. Dabbing it onto the skin with the concealer brush works best for me.

I used Bloom Sheer Colour Cream in Coy on my cheeks...Why have I not used this before??? I dabbed this product onto my cheeks with my fingers for an even coverage. It gave me just enough pink to give me a subtle pinch of colour, I am glad there is no shimmer, it just provides me a lovely glow. I need more cream blushes!

On my lips, I applied Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Darling, a gorgeous mauve/pink. I often don't wear lipsticks when going out for dinner, but, as the name suggests, this product "stains" the lips. I just love how when first applied, it feels like a lip balm on my lips, then once worn off, colour is left on my lips. I then apply lipbalm throughout the night, knowing I'll have nice soft lips, with a stain of colour. These are the best lip stains that I have used, and in fact are my favourite lip products at the moment.

Next are the products that I used on my eyes. Eye shadow application is my favourite part :)

When applying eye shadow, I always use a primer. Well, not the case for L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows, my new favourite eye shadow. I just don't need an eye primer for these! I used Golden Sage on my lids, with Cosmic Black in my crease. These shadows blend like a dream. They are so easily buildable from subtle to a more intense colour. Getting the product onto the brush to the lids can be a little difficult. Maybe it's the brush I'm using, just doesn't seem to want to transfer onto it. I'm thinking of using my fingers next time. Though, the results totally override this. Not only do the shadows not budge, there is no colour fading. They claim to last for 24 hours, I haven't tried this out, but I've never needed my makeup to last for 24 hours, lol. I do know that when I've worn them from day into the night, my eyes look the same as when I applied the Infallible shadows..A brilliant product!

Under my brows I wanted a neutral colour, so I reached for MAC Royal Assets palette for warm eyes. The neutral colour is perfect for blending under my brows, adds depth, yet is a nice natural colour.

To line my upper lash line, I used Ultimate Eye Liner in Meteor that I purchased from Lumiere Cosmetics. It is so soft and creamy, making application a breeze. Very pigmented with a hint of shimmer. Once dry, this liner is budge proof.

I generally stick to one mascara, but decided to try 2 different mascaras.

I first applied Rimmel ScadalEyes in Extreme Black. It has a large brush that gives volume, coating every lash.

Once dry, I applied Mirenesse Cougar mascara. This has a lash comb rather than a brush, which is fabulous for separating lashes, and giving length. I really like the result of using 2 different mascaras, one for volume, one for length..I get the best of both worlds! 

Playing with makeup is so much fun :)


  1. Very pretty Michelle! Green suits you so well. Looks like you line your waterline. You should do it more :)

    1. Thanks Su, it's taken quite some practice not to poke my eyes when lining the waterline, lol