Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Performance Colors

After falling in love with Maybelline Color Tattoos, I decided to find out what indie brands had to offer in way of cream shadows. I began with a search on Etsy and come across Performance Colors. I was surprised at just how large the range is. Products for eyes lips and face. Apart from mascara, everything you need for a full face of make up is available. What really attracted me to this etsy store was that these products were so similar to what's available in stores, with the benefit of not containing any nasties.
The service was fantastic. I am so used to slow international shipping, that to be honest I didn't notice that the order had taken longer than normal to process. Not only did I get an explanation, but also received some freebies in my order!
Anyway, I'll get to the products :)

Perfection- Pale pink.

Velvet Talker- Purple

Spanks- Copper

Sweet Dreams- Silvery grey

Cornflower- Baby blue

Oil Slick- Charcoal with blue/green shift.

Morocco- Golden neutral

For this look I used Perfection on the lid with Velvet Talker in my crease.

I find that these cream shadows are easiest to apply with fingers, gently smoothing product across the lid. This motion warms the cream shadow, making for adequate transfer of product. To me, these are comparable to Maybelline Color Tattoos...budge proof wear with little creasing, a primer helps to keep these eye shadows staying put on oily lids. The only problem that I came across was some fall out of the shimmer, especially so with Morocco. Of course, it would have to be the one that I have a full size of, lol.

Double Duty Eye Shadow


Earth Taupe

The colours of these eye shadow sticks are pretty self explanatory. I don't wear a lot of matte neutral colours on my lids, but I have nothing like these in my collection, and just had to try them! After having a bit of a play, I think that these tubes are the perfect solution for a quick no-fuss neutral eye. We all have days that we want a little something, but have little time. I just swiped across my lids, then used my fingers to blend. Crease-proof and budge proof through out wear, I was impressed. I think using a coloured liner could really make a simple look into something a bit special, I must try it :)

Here I am wearing Earth Taupe on my lids as a one wash colour. It is the perfect neutral tone for my skin.

As much as I love mineral eye shadows, the loose form can sometimes be messy. When I saw that Performance Colors had pressed eye shadows available, I just had to grab a couple of palettes for myself. I opted for the palettes available that allowed me to choose my own colours. The trios come in simple, sleek compacts that even include a mirror inside, perfect for travel.

This trio contains the colours Magic Fountain (taupe with green shift) Tutu (pale pink) and Ambrosia (peach)

Here I have Tutu inner lid, Ambrosia on my lid and Magic Fountain in the crease.

For this look I used Siren on my lid, Echo inner and Imperial in the crease.

These eye shadows have such a gorgeous silky smooth texture. I love how easy they are to apply. Building up to your desired colour is simple. I love them!

I am so glad that I found this company during my search for cream shadows. At the moment, Performance colours have a sale that gives you an eye pencil for every order over $20. I am yet to try these metallic pencils, but this is my perfect chance to! :)


  1. You're amazing, how do you find these gorgeous indie companies?!

    I'm not big on cream shadows because I find the application a bit fiddly, I prefer eyeshadow pencils or sticks (they look like lipbalms, lol)!

    I love the look of those pressed shadows though, the second palette in particular is stunning on you!


    1. Well, my mission is to discover the best brands, so if I have to try them all, I am willing to do it for the greater good,hahaha!
      I remember you saying that you had trouble with creasing using the Color Tattoos, so it makes sense that you're not a fan. I think I get caught up with different products and just want to try so many that I'm ready for the next kind of make up product, lol
      Thanks so much for your lovely compliment, hun, these pressed shadows are certainly worth trying!