Monday, 6 May 2013

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- MD Formulations Facial Cleanser

I am so easily enabled, I just hate the feeling that I could be missing out on something amazing. I had heard so many good things about skincare brand MD Formulations, that I needed to get my hands on some products to try myself.
I recently finished a large 250 ml bottle of the Facial Cleanser that I had bought from online store Skincare Store which is worth bookmarking, as this site often has sales, plus free delivery on orders over $49.
Back to the cleanser

The bottle simply has a hole under the screw top lid that allows the product to be poured from. The cleanser is of a thick consistency, with a milky colour. A light lather forms easily with massage on wet skin. Removal with warm water is equally as easy.
I found that not only was my make up and residue removed, but with the active ingredient, glycolic acid working to slough off dead skin cells, my skin always looked more refined after use, feeling nice and soft. Clean, yet not with that tight, stripped feeling.
This cleanser is suitable for all skin types. Having combination skin, I had no adverse reactions or any experience of sensitivity, not even tingling.
As the level of product in the bottle got lower, I decided to use the cleanser before treatments. I like to treat my skin twice a week, once with a glycolic mask of some form, and the other a clay mask. I felt that by beginning a treatment by washing with MD Formulations Facial Cleanser, I was preparing my skin adequately to reap all the benefits that each mask could offer.
I can now understand why this cleanser is a favourite of many users. Would I repurchase? I think it is certainly worth the price, however, it is out of my budget to be a regular cleanser in my routine. To be honest there are other glycolic based skincare brands that are quite good, and more budget friendly. If I come across a good sale, I would certainly buy again, and to be fair the cleanser does come in a large size and not a lot of product is required.


  1. Great review! I absolutely love this cleanser, but being pregnant, I've chosen not to use it at the moment, but cant wait to start using it again.
    I actually dont use to remove my make up, I use another one, and the use the Formulations Cleanser as a second cleanse to get a deeper cleanse in the pores and remove any leftover makeup residue. That does make it last a little longer. And then I like leaving it on my skin for a few minutes while I brush my teeth, for an even better clean.
    I have purchased it from Strawberrynet several times, and always been happy with the quality. I've paid around $30, as I get around 10% loyalty discount, and as shipping is free, I do find it resonable priced considering the high quality!

    1. Thanks for your fabulous tips, hun! And $30???????? At that price, I'd be more than happy to repurchase! I paid around $85!! Next stop, Strawberry Net, thank you so much for letting me know! :)