Monday, 26 December 2016

Acure Organics Day Cream

 Acure Organics is a new brand to me, one that I discovered on discount website iHerb during a search for a day cream. Out of the many I had browsed and read reviews of, it was the Acure Organics Gotu Kola Stem Cell and Chlorella that appealed to me most.

Taken from iHerb "Face the day with gotu kola stem cells and chlorella. This powerhouse combo helps moisturize and protect with a one-two punch. Easily absorbed moisture and effective ingredients equal a great day."

 The day cream is packaged in a squeeze tube with flip top lid. The hole dispenser is a great size for the consistency of the product.

The product is of medium cream consistency. Thick enough to moisturise, yet light enough to absorb nicely into the skin, which is what I want in a day moisturiser.

The scent is of oranges, sweet and tart. Although I love a citrus fragrance, I do find it rather strong. Thankfully, it disappears once it is massaged into the skin.

Only a small amount is needed for face and neck. It feels so nice and silky on the skin and absorbs rather quickly. There is no tacky or oily residue left behind. My face and neck is left sufficiently hydrated, soft and smooth.

From the first time I used the Acure Day Cream I was won over. Sure, it's hydrating as I said, which is lovely in itself, but it also leaves my skin looking more radiant and brighter. Who doesn't want that? :)


  1. I've never heard of this before! Sounds interesting, though I think I'd hate the scent. I don't mind citrus, but I'm not a huge fan!!

    Laura || xx

    1. Yes, that scent would probably put you off. I am over it and I like citrus scents! xx