Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas Nails 2016 #1

Of course I couldn't let December go by without creating some Festive nails. Rather than a design, I wanted to incorporate some colours that came to mind when I thought of the Christmas season. Those colours being gold, silver, red and green.

 Alternating each nail I applied gold and silver base colours, Naturistics "Chrome Crazy" and a gold polish that has no label whatsoever on it, helpful! Lol. With a small fan brush on each nail I painted stripes of green and red polish, Illamasqua "Viridian" and Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in "Dazzling". 

As much colour as I had going on, I couldn't resist a little sparkle so finished with a coat of LA Colors "Glitter Bomb". 

Do you do something special on your nails for Christmas?


  1. I will be as soon as I get around to it! I had a design in mind, but now I've completely changed my mind & I'm going with something else...funnily enough, in the same colours as you!