Monday, 29 January 2018

Beauty By Nicholas No No Needles

After winning a Beauty By Nicolas skincare pack on a Beauty Heaven Instagram giveaway, the product that I was most intrigued to try was the No No Needles.

Taken from Beauty By Nicholas- "This gentle but effective formula delivers visible results without painful injections or that frozen look. You will see instant wrinkle relaxing, line smoothing results and even bigger benefits with long term usage."

The packaging is very interesting to say the least. The serum comes in a silver cylinder with a pump to dispense. Not just any pump, this one comes complete with a metal ball on the end for application. The serum has a gel-like consistency.

I like the idea of the ball for applying the product to the desired areas, but I find I have to be careful of the amount dispensed using the pump. It is hard to control the product released, I often pump too much for the small areas that I want to apply. The easiest way for me to apply is pump the product, apply using my fingers, then use the metal ball to massage the serum into my lined areas.

The areas I use the serum on are forehead lines, crows feet, lip lines and nasolabial lines (that go from nose to mouth). I have to be careful of the amount I apply, because the serum will dry down the way egg whites do, leaving a flaky residue.

The instructions state that the product may cause numbness. I didn't experience this, I felt more of a tightening sensation, again like egg whites drying.

After the serum absorbs I do get a smoothing of fine lines. It is more of a temporary "fix" and my lines do return to normal after a few hours.

I am on the fence with the Beauty By Nicholas No No Needles but will continue to use morning and night to see if continued use will provide more permanent results.

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  1. Loved reading your thoughts on this Indie - I haven't started using it yet, but planning to this week, and your tips are most helpful hon ♥