Thursday, 29 October 2015

BH Cosmetics Color Lock Matte Lipstick

Buying a makeup product because it has pretty packaging? I'm guilty as charged. This reason had a lot to do with my purchase of BH Cosmetics Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipsticks. That is a tongue twister! Admittedly, I did do a quick google search of these lipsticks to check out reviews and swatches. A common practice for me as most of my purchases are online and are of products that are sight unseen.

Taken from BH Cosmetics- "Lock in the color of your lipstick with this rich and creamy long-wearing lipstick. Bold pigments stay in place all day while Shea butter nourish the skin for soft and beautiful lips."

Even the box looks purty!

The silver filigree design on the casing reminds me a little of Kat Von D packaging. The lipstick lid is a clear plastic that gives that satisfying click as it is securely closed. 

What makes these lipsticks different to any that I've tried, is that as they are twisted up, they click into place, too. I think this is actually a handy feature because there's no worry about the lipstick winding back down as you apply, which I have experienced in the past. 

Passionate- this shade has become my favourite purple lipstick!

 Look, the lipstick matches my watch!



True Heart


Dark Rose


The bullets have a heavily slanted edge and because they are the average size in terms of diameter, I needed to take my time to apply, but that is because I'm not fantastic at keeping lipstick in the parameter of my lips, lol.

These lipsticks grip a little as you apply, but they are on the creamier side of a matte formula. Rubbing lips together is not a good idea, the formula is not quite that creamy, however I don't feel that they dry out my lips. 

Although there is some transfer, these matte lipsticks really do last and last. I didn't feel that I needed touching up even after eating and drinking. I got a good 7 hours wear, that's generally the length of time I wear makeup before cleansing my skin.

Such a great product for an affordable price!

Are you guilty of buying a product because of the pretty packaging, too?


  1. Love a lasting lipstick! And who isn't a sucker for pretty packaging!

    1. I'm happy that the product inside was as good as the pretty packaging xx