Thursday, 22 October 2015

LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss

When buying some eyeshadows from MBA Cosmetics that I did not need, but had to have, I spotted the LA Girl Matte Pigment Glosses...that I did not need but also had to have.

Taken from MBA Cosmetics- "The long wearing formula goes on as a high pigmented liquid and dries to a flat matte finish. Leaving lips coloured in gorgeous velvety perfection that lasts and lasts."

 I decided to stop at 4 shades, just to give them a try.




Backstage- turned out patchy, because I made the rookie error of applying another coat before the first one had dried.

I really like the sponge applicator. It is long and thin, making application easier and very precise. Something you need when wearing liquid lipsticks. Well, I know I can do with all the help I can get, lol.

The formula is thick and cream like, but I didn't find it too thick and patchy to apply, with the exception of the burgundy shade "Backstage". It went on smoothly and I was finished a lot quicker than I ever have when using liquid lipsticks.

They don't take too long to set, but do remain slightly tacky for some time before completely drying. 

There was the slightest amount of transfer, but only when I pressed my lips firmly to my hand. To test, kissing my own hand is not a habit of mine, lol.

LA Girl Matte Pigment Glosses are drying, we expect that now with liquid lipstick formulas, right? I didn't find them uncomfortable and not as dry as some others. On the flip side wear time is fantastic. All day long through drinking and eating. No crumbling or uneven wearing.

I must say, I loved wearing LA Girl's liquid lipstick offering, and they are so cheap, too!


  1. I'm admiring the healthy glow of your skin rather than the lip shades haha but Backstage looks so elegant on you. LA Girls are producing great makeup goodies lately!

    Wendy xx

    1. Oh, you're too kind, Wendy. I agree, LA Girl is tempting me with all there new releases xx

  2. These all look stunning on you! Especially the pink one!