Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Savvy Lip Lacquers

I am really fond of the Savvy range, available in Priceline. It's been some time since I have purchased anything from this brand, although I always check out the display. 

Well, the temptation was too much during the huge 40% off cosmetics sale that Priceline had, and I bought some Savvy Lip Lacquers. A Matte version and 2 of the High Shine.

The middle one is "Miss Monroe", it is the matte finish. The label was on the packaging, which is now gone, and I cannot recall the names of the High Shine Lip Lacquers, ugh!

As typical for a liquid lip product, these come with a doe foot applicator. Just the right size for precise application.

The High Shine Lacquers are like liquid vinyl. They apply opaque and are very pigmented. They're not tacky, but are smooth. Although I do like the shiny finish, I prefer to blot with a tissue for more of a satin finish. It doesn't feel as heavy, and doesn't slide on my lips.

As for the Matte version, Miss Monroe applied easily. Smooth application, streak free and not patchy. I absolutely adore the extremely pigmented colour. I am not a fan of the finish, however. It remains tacky throughout wear and it does transfer. I don't find it uncomfortable, but the tackiness does cause faster wear time for a matte lipstick and does not fade evenly. Great for a quick outing, but not something that I'd wear when longevity is needed.

Are you loving mattes, or prefer a glossy lip?


  1. The red looks gorgeous on you! I don't normally like my reds to transfer, they get all over my teeth haha

    1. Thank you! I love the colour, but I really can't see myself reaching for it often because of the formula, unfortunately. Teeth transfer is the worst, isn't it!

  2. Savvy is certainly a brand that continues to surprise me with their excellent budget friendly cosmetics.

    1. They really deliver some lovely products