Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Nail Art Wednesday

Today I have some ombre nails to show you. I really can't see myself getting tired of this beautiful shading trend.

OPI "Passion", Sinful Colors "Boom Boom" and Color Club "Twinkle Peach"

I was in need of pink nails, but wanted to start with a pale pink. "Passion" is a very nude pink, so I layered 2 coats onto my nails. There are many youtube tutorials for gradients/ombres, but I find for me personally, I like to just apply the polishes I'm using straight onto the sponge. I always paint my nails with the lightest colour before sponging on the ombre.

To add a little sparkle I finished my manicure with "Twinkle Peach". It's a very sheer polish, so it didn't add colour to my nails, maybe a tint, but it still remained the pink that I wanted.

Please excuse the remnants of my "clean up" obviously I didn't clean around my nails as well as I had thought, lol.


  1. So pretty! I've always wondered how to do ombre nails, but never enough to be bothered searching on YouTube, lol. Easier than I thought, using your process! I want to try it now :)

    1. Thank you, Di. I'd love to know how you go and also the colour combo you use xx