Saturday, 15 December 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics

I have previously stated how much I adore Darling Girl Cosmetics. I think it's great that she is constantly working on new products. I just had to try her Watercolor paint pots (although these have been around for a while). A few items later, and I ended up with a nice little order ;)

I'll endeavour to make this a 2 part series.

PHANTOM OF THE TAUPERA: Silvery taupe shimmer. This was a GWP.

PETUNA: (not currently listed) Matte dusty pink.

BARBARELLA: Light copper shimmer.

ROSE QUEEN duochrome blush:  Rose pink.

CHEEKY soft focus blush: Pinky coral.

WHIMSY: Dove grey.

ENCHANTED: Baby pink with lilac shift.

SWEET LOVE Kiss You Off lip balm: Bright pinky red. Comes in a wind up lip balm tube. The formula is moisturising and is quite pigmented.

PINK SLIP Satin Stain:  Muted pink. These lip products have a creme finish. Unlike many lip stains the Satin Stains do not feel drying on the lips. Once worn off, a subtle wash of colour remains.

For this look I used Enchanted on the lid, in the pic it appears more blue than pink. I used Petuna below the brow line. On my cheeks I applied Cheeky and on my lips is the lovely Pink Slip Satin Stain.

Susan has so many wonderful products on offer. Her line offers products to cater to everyone. Definitely worth a try! :)


  1. Pretty as always :) Loving your eyelashes!

    1. Thanks hun. And I should also say thanks to the false lashes ;)

  2. I have never tried this brand, but the products sound and look amazing, and so pigmented!! And I agree, your lashes are so long and gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, I wish I had beautiful, long lashes like that! I was playing with some false ones for this blog post, I could do with more practice :)