Wednesday, 19 December 2012

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Elucent Eye Cream.

I was lucky enough to trial the Elucent range, thanks to Vibe Village.
I was happy to see that the Elucent range comes under the "umbrella" of well known and trusted Australian company Ego, so immediately I was expecting a lot from this range. 

Elucent Eye Cream contains potent vitamins B3, C and E, these are known for their anti aging qualities. Also within this eye cream is the active component of AHAs, which have been proven to be effective at chemical exfoliation. As we age our skin is not capable of ridding the amount of dead skin cells as possible when young, thus contributing to wrinkles and uneven skintone. The eye area is too sensitive for manual 
exfoliators, so having this AHA option is perfect. There is a 
concentration of 4% AHA, and there maybe some tingling upon application. I never experienced any reactions.
The eye cream comes in a small 15g tube. The product is dispensed through a small nozzle. This makes it easy to measure the tiny amount that is necessary for the eye area. It is fragrance-free, making it suitable for sensitive eyes. 
The white coloured eye cream is quite light in consistency. This makes for quick absorption, without any of the product remaining on the surface of the skin, perfect for busy mornings when I don't appreciate or have the time to wait too long before continuing with my morning skincare routine.
Elucent Eye Cream has a luxe feel and I prefer the idea of applying a natural product to my face. I also am more than happy to support an Australian brand. I think this makes for a good day cream, especially for someone like me looking for anti ageing creams for the eye area. It absorbs beautifully, but I prefer a thicker more moisturising eye cream for night time use.

Would I buy? My answer is yes, when I want an affordable AHA range to add to my skincare routine, I will be reaching for the Elucent Eye Cream :)

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