Monday, 17 December 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics

As promised, I am reviewing the remaining products of my last order of Darling Girl Cosmetics products.

RED TAIL: Burgundy cocoa shimmer.

SABOTAGE (not currently listed): Pink with gold shimmer. This was a GWP.

HUGS & KISSES: Light brown with purple/blue interference.

PENNY LANE: (not listed) Caramel shimmer.

ALOHA soft focus blush: Earthy pink.

FANTASIA duo chrome blush: Coral.

CHERRY BOMB soft focus blush: Cherry pink. Not as scary on the skin, as in the jar :)

PYRAMID of SKULLS water paint pot: Deep burgundy. Cream formula multi purpose colour. Can be used on lids as a one wash colour, base or eye liner. This was the main reason for my intitial purchase. I had to try a WPP. Did I love it?? Well, to be honest, I did find it hard to get an even coverage. I applied it for the purpose of this blog post and I did find that it creased on my oily lids. I really need to try one of these over primer, and see if that helps. This pot I'll probably use as an eye shadow base, tho I wouldn't mind trying a lighter colour and see how I go with blending. So for the moment, the jury is out for this one. I am determined to try different application methods, I really want this to work for me, lol!

QUEEN of HEARTS Holo-gloss: Melon pink shimmer. This gorgeous 3D gloss comes in a wind up click pen with brush applicator. This gloss is easy to apply. Feeling moisturising on the lips, without feeling too thick and tacky. The holo-glosses are certainly a winner!

FER SHUR Satin Stain: Coral red.

In the following look I have the WPP on my lid for a base, Sabotage was applied over the top, with Red Tail in my crease.

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