Saturday, 7 June 2014

SOTD- Britney Spears Fantasy Nice Remix

When I ordered Naughty from My Perfume Samples, it only seemed natural to buy Nice, also.

Described as "Romantic and flirty version, is a sparkling fruity scent that blends signature kiwi accord with floral tones, such as jasmine, sweet cupcakes and creamy musk."
Out of the two, I was expecting to like Naughty best, assuming it would be a deep, rich scent. Nice is actually more to my liking. Yes, it's sweet like the original Fantasy, but it is creamier, a little more floral and, slightly tangy, thanks to the kiwi accord. The musk gives a slight spiciness. 
Although I do like this one, it's still too girly for my liking, another one for my teen daughter :)


  1. It sounds really lovely Indie. And another beautiful bottle too. I am a sucker for pretty perfume bottles :)

    1. I'd be tempted to buy a full size just for the cute bottle, lol :)