Monday, 21 December 2015

Lily Herbceuticals Anti-Aging Regimen Kit

One of the prettiest packaged skincare I now own is the Lily Herbceuticals New Age New Era Anti-Aging Regimen Kit. This kit contains 3 products. A fluid, serum and moisturiser. I bought this from TVSN, what a surprise! Lol.

Taken from Lily website- " the first in the market to use the most innovative, advanced, propriety compound with NAD. The formulation provides key essential energy molecules to the skin day and night for an ultimate, youthful, vital appearance from a different approach. This newest breakthrough formulation parallels and underscores the most up-to-date findings by the world's leading anti-aging scientists. Science now recognizes that the depletion of energy as we grow older, is the primary cause for the effects of aging. Replenishing this NAD+ , a "must have" compound, helps to restore the energy level and regain our skin's vitality from within. In addition, this 3-pc science based collection of products includes unprecedented concentrations of retinol, hyaluronic acid, peptides, plus many more active antioxidants, proteins, amino acids and multi vitamins. These powerhouse formulations are incomparable to any products currently on the market, customers will see their overall skin conditions improved dramatically in a short period of time. The results will change their expectations..."

How beautiful is that packaging!!

Here are the magical trio. I will briefly run through each product, but I'll give a review of them as a set.

The largest bottle is the Energy Beauty Fluid, the first step in this regime. Just a couple of pumps of the clear liquid is all that I need for my face and neck. I love the silky feel as it glides across my skin.

The New Age Energy Serum is what I apply next. Again 2 pumps is sufficient. 

The final step is to apply the New Age Energy Cream. This rich moisturiser is dispensed by pushing the top of the jar once the lid is removed.

The products in this kit can be applied one after the other without wait time. They are formulated to work together synergistically. I am not left with an oily mess, because my skin loves these products. They are rich and hydrating, but not to the point of leaving residue. They are quickly absorbed, leaving my skin beautifully hydrated.

From the first use of each product I fell in love. After a few weeks, I continue to notice improvements to my skin's elasticity. My skin is looking the best it has in a long time. 


I've experienced no breakouts from such hydrating products to my combination skin.

I would like to add that I currently am only using the kit at night, because I am using other products in my morning routine, yet am still seeing results.

I must say that I am impressed by the Lily Herbceuticals Anti-aging Regimen Kit, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a skincare regime that really delivers!

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  1. I love Lily products... Have bought 4 beauty boxes and used them all up... Would love to get a supply of the Tibetian Snow Lotus serum...but can't seem to find it . Is it out of stock??