Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Marc Jacobs "Dot"

 Marc Jacobs releases such lovely perfume bottles. "Dot" is no exception. I was lucky enough to win her, and was thrilled to have her on display amongst my perfume collection.

Description- "Top notes incorporate red berries combined with pitaya fruit, known also as dragon fruit. The juicy and exciting opening is followed by floral trio composed of honeysuckle, jasmine and orange blossom, while a base closes with a trail of coconut water, vanilla, driftwood and sensual musk."

This begins with juicy, tart fruits. They are warm and inviting. The florals really compliment the fruity nature of this perfume, giving it a Spring time vibe that can be easily taken into Summer. Even with the fruity floral blend, the fragrance is quite rich and deep, which I love. 

After wear it takes on a musky, woodsy feel that becomes almost aquatic. At this stage it becomes closer to the skin, but still noticeable by the wearer.

This Marc Jacobs perfume is so different to the bright, sweet florals made famous by this brand. I find "Dot" to be alluring and mysterious. Oh, and the bottle is seriously gorgeous!


  1. I have this but it smells really sickly on me so I never wear it. What a waste! :(

    1. That's a shame, Beth. At least you have the pretty bottle, lol xx