Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Simple Glam Girls Oval Brushes

Jamie from Simple Glam Girls recently reached out to me with an offer to try a 10 Piece Oval Brush Set paying only for postage. I was quick to say yes. If you haven't heard of this brand, they are based in the UK and sell beauty tools.

Here's a little about them in their own words "Simple Glam Girls is all about supporting aspiring beauty & fashion bloggers to feel confident as you develop your fashionista blogging journey.  

Our mission is to provide every aspiring beauty & fashion bloggers the right makeup tools to achieve your best. We firmly believe that a good set of makeup tool (brushes & equipment) can really help to enhance your makeup skills. That is why we set out to form Simple Glam Girls to help every girl out there to glam up easily. 

Our range of makeup tools are designed with makeup artists in mind so that no matter what level of makeup skills you have, whether you are just picking up makeup or are very experienced in makeup, you will be able to use all these makeup tools easily. They are also made to last long so that you can practice your makeup endlessly."

I received the brush set about two weeks after I had paid postage, which is not too bad for International shipping.

I was given the set of 10 brushes in black. If you are not familiar with these brushes, like I was, check out the link here for the intended use of each brush. There's also more detailed information in the listing.

Once  I opened my parcel, I noticed that the larger oval brushes had a few loose hairs. I had to run my fingers through the brush to ensure there were no strays. Thankfully, I didn't have any fall out during use. 

Each brush is very dense, yet extremely soft to the touch. They are made with A grade synthetic nylon making them cruelty free. 

The brushes fit nicely in the hand, being ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. They are flexible to allow for contours of the face and better control. When I want to firmly apply using the larger oval brushes, I just simply apply pressure to the back of the brush with my index finger. I prefer this method when blending foundation.

I decided that the only way to really put these brushes to the test was to apply a full face of makeup.

When I apply makeup, I always begin with eye makeup. I started by blending out concealer on my lid with the third brush from the top, I then used the smallest oval brush to set it. With the second last brush, a small round brush, I applied both Maybelline Color Tattoo as base, then my chosen lid eye shadow. With one of the narrow brushes I placed my crease shade. To blend that out I used a regular eye shadow brush because I soon found out that the dense nature of the brushes prevents adequate blending of powder products. I used the larger narrow brush to apply browbone highlight.

For colour correcting under the eyes, I used the same brush that I had previously used for the concealer on my lids, I also used this for under eye concealing and highlighting after BB Cream application, which I used the biggest brush for. Again for setting concealer, I used the smallest oval brush to set under my eyes. I used the second brush to apply blush, I used a light coloured blush so it didn't matter that the densely packed brush applied more product than I would normally use. I don't like a heavy highlight on my cheek bones, so used a regular small fluffy face brush.

The smallest round brush I used to apply my lipstick, I don't normally apply lipstick with a brush, but I needed to in this case because I was using a sample that's in a pot rather than a bullet lipstick.

The result?

After using 9 of the 10 oval set of brushes, I discovered that they were a new learning curve for me, but definitely are not just a gimmeck-y product. They are certainly suited to cream products, but can work with powders. They work well for powder placement, such as crease or liner work. Blending out, not so much. It does make sense with how dense these brushes are. I much prefer to use a fluffy brush for blending.

I love the small round brushes for applying lipstick. Great size for the lips and smooth the product out nicely, without having to continually dip into the pan for more lipstick like I've experienced with more traditional, smaller lip brushes.

I'm glad to have this brush set in my arsenal of makeup tools. If you are at all interested in any beauty tools that Simple Glam Girls has to offer, I do have an affiliate code for you. Using "Indie" in the coupon section will give you 20% off your purchase.

Have you used oval makeup brushes?


  1. Great Review! I've been so curious about oval brushes, there are so many different brands lately.

    1. Thanks hun! I agree, there are so many brands of oval brushes, they all look so similar, too.

  2. The lipstick brush sounds much better than the brush I currently use for lipstick!


    1. I've used a few lipstick brushes and this one is by far my favourite xx

  3. These brushes look great, I own one oval brush and it is very easy to use.

    1. I think they work fantastic with cream products xx