Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Stocktake 2017- Face Products

Now that I have my own makeup area, re-organizing my items seemed like the best excuse to do a much needed declutter. I must say that I got rid of A LOT. I probably could have been more brutal in my declutter, but it's really a work in progress.

I decided to post an updated stocktake of my collection. The last one was July/August 2015! 

Today I will show you my face products. Starting with foundation and BB/CC Creams.

 I have 4 BB creams and 1 CC cream. I have used them all and so far the Garnier BB cream for oily/combo is still my fave and I will be repurchasing when I have finished some of these.

I have 5 foundations. The only one opened is the Rimmel Lasting Finish. Unless I have to review a foundation, I am quite strict about having one open at a time.

I have 9 concealers. The W7 Catwalk Concealer I use to colour correct my under eye circles. The YBF compact is currently in use. It is a neutralizing cream concealer, it has a yellow base. Works well to conceal and highlight my under eye area.

8 powders, 2 are loose powders. Currently in rotation are the All Natural Face Apricot loose powder that I use all over my face and the YBF Neutralizing Powder I use to set my under eye concealer.

Here I have bronzers and highlighters, I even have a contour palette! I have one bronzer, but there are 2 other bronzers in the duo compacts. I have 6 highlighters, if I count the one in the bronzer duo. I use the large Makeup Revolution bronzer pan almost daily. I am currently using the MUA Undress Me Highlighter in Iridescent Gold as it sits in my "everyday makeup drawer".

I have 12 blushes. I haven't been showing them much love because at an attempt to finish my 88 Warm palette that I am currently panning, I have been using some eye shadow shades as blushes.

Now to compare what I have now to 2015 and what my goals are.

I had 3 Primers, now I actually don't have any because I find that the sunscreen I currently use seems to take the place of a primer. I haven't ruled out buying more, though.

I had 7 concealers, now have 9. I do plan to only have no more than 4, 2 colour correcters and 2 concealers.

I had 6 BB/CC creams and foundations, I now have 10 but my goal is to have 1 of each in use and have a back up, so 6 base products in total.

There were 7 finishing powders in my collection and now there are 8, I only want to work towards having a setting powder and all over face powder.

I had 3 highlighters and now have 6 highlighters. I don't really have any goals in this category but don't plan on buying anymore for the time being.

I didn't have any bronzers but now have 3 including 2 that are in palettes. I don't have an obsession with bronzers so am not too concerned about having a goal.

There were 34 blushes and 11 samples in my collection, I only now have 12. This is another category that I don't really have any set goals for, I am happy with the amount I have.

Stay tuned for some more makeup stocktake posts in the near future xx


  1. Wow, you do have quite the collection of face products! I would love to try the Burt's Bees BB Cream. It has been on my list to try ♡

    1. I really do like the BB cream xx