Thursday, 28 December 2017

Blog Goals For 2018

In 2017 my blog took on the focus of panning and finishing products. Although I see the worth of this approach, the problem I dealt with was that whilst focusing on set products, I didn't really explore my other makeup. This was especially the case for my Pan That Palette project. Toward the end of this year, I've neglected to try even my new palettes (I'm itching to try you Jaclyn Hill palette!) because I still have a few shades to finish and I really want to get it done and out of my life for good.

For my blog in 2018, I do plan on doing projects, but they will be more along the lines of my nail polish declutter. I aim to also do a lipstick declutter. As for eye shadows, I would like to take on a project in which I use one palette for one month, or maybe post 2 a month to ensure I get use out of more of my palettes.

These projects will not only help me decide what I want to keep and what to remove from my collection, but also will prevent me from getting stuck in a rut and using the same makeup products. I've learnt that Projects keep me motivated so that's why I'd like creating new ones for myself. And you, too. I don't want things to get too boring around here!

Another idea I've been considering is a possible return of a blog series I had years ago called "Come Play With Me". This consisted of choosing a makeup theme and inviting any beauty bloggers to join me and share their makeup looks based on set theme. I realise that not every one wants to post photos of themselves on their blog, so I could modify to be broader, so that posts of products that represent the theme could be used instead. I love interacting with other bloggers and I found this series a good way to do so.

I plan on posting at least twice a week. Tuesday is generally for reviews, Thursday for project and empties posts and if I have any makeup posts I like to post them on Saturday. Though, if I do feel I need a break, I will go ahead and do it.

If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it. Also, if you'd be interested in me reviving "Come Play With Me" in some form please let my know.


  1. Loved reading about your plans and goals Indie, and I admire your stickability with your Project Pan, there's no way I could do that. Oh please bring back Come Play With Me! I don't post many eye photos these days as I'm just becoming too wrinkly (although my Beauty by Nicholas Eye Cream is sure helping lol) but I'd be thrilled to join in some other way ♥

    1. Oh, how I've been enjoying using a different palette! At first it was a little overwhelming having so many choices, but life's too short to use one palette, lol! Thank you for your support, Kat, I enjoyed the fun we used to have with the Come Play With Me Series xx