Thursday, 21 December 2017

Nail Polish Declutter Update #2

Well, I hope the saying slow and steady wins the race applies to this declutter series because it is going slooooooowly. Here's what I tried on in the past month.

Fluoro Orange

Nox polish in Twilight


 Chrome Crazy
Jade Frost

I didn't try these on because there was no doubt about keeping them because they are both opaque polishes and are great for nail art. Sally Hansen in Black Out and Sinful Colors Gel in Wisp.

Sinful Colors Whipped Frosting

Another Models Inc nail polish hits the dust. Although they are quite sheer, I must say they have gorgeous shine. I've decided to keep both silvers, one is a chrome and the other has a green undertone so I think that there's enough of a difference to warrant keeping both. I have decided to keep both Sinful Colors white nail polishes because I tend to use a lot of white polish.

That brings my tally to 16 nail polishes


  1. trendy is such a pretty shade! I need to do a sort out as well even though I'm slightly dreading it haha xx

    1. It's my fave orange nail polish. Good luck with decluttering! xx