Friday, 9 February 2018

Makeup Look Featuring ColourPop

It's probably no secret that I love ColourPop. I had been so tempted to buy throughout the year, but I only ordered twice last year, the biggest being towards the end of the year. I've been trying not to buy so much makeup, but there's times I just need to treat myself!

I took the opportunity to buy some products that I had not tried before.

The concealer is packaged in a tube with a wand. The applicator is unlike any I've tried before. It is more of a sponged paddle that's flexible. Applies the concealer just as well as a doe-foot.

The consistency is quite creamy, I would say slightly thicker than the Maybelline FitMe concealer. I love this product, it blends nicely and covers my dark circles well. I did set with powder as a preventative step, I always do this with any concealer I'm using so it doesn't crease.

I also bought the Precision Brow Pencil. One end there is a spoolie and the other is the wind up pencil. I'm glad I didn't wind it up too far, because it is not retractable.

I like that the pencil is quite small in diameter, making it more precise. I bought the shade Bangin Brunette which is the perfect cool toned brown for my brows. The pencil is not too soft or stiff, so applies easily and stays put.

The Super Shock Blushes have been on my radar for some time. I chose Prenup, which when I received it looked scarily darker in person than on the website.

Fortunately the blush is quite subtle when applied. It's a nice pinky mauve shade, which I find quite flattering with my skintone. Just like the Super Shock Shadows, the blush has the same mousse-y consistency. I applied easily with my regular synthetic tapered fluffy blush brush, just applying a little to add a flush of colour to my cheeks.

I did also purchase some palettes, but they will feature in their own posts in my eye shadow palette series.

Of course, I couldn't go past some Super Shock Shadows. I have a few already, so only added a pack of 3 to my cart. This is the Nuts and Berries trio. One did arrive a little damaged in the pan, but it's such a soft formula that the product is perfectly fine to use.

Cheap Date, Paradox and Amaze

I really didn't need any lip products, but this order was close to Christmas time, so I threw in the Kathleen Lights Aquarius Bundle, which is the same shade but in 3 different lip formulas Gloss, Satin and Matte. Goodness knows that adding a pink nude to my stash was not necessary, let alone 3, but they were on sale and I couldn't say no!

Ultra Glossy

Ultra Satin

Ultra Matte

...aaaaand here we have pics of me wearing all the mentioned products, with Aquarius Ultra Glossy on my lips.


I hope you are having a wonderful weekend xx


  1. Love this look especially the eye makeup! The Colourpop Super Shock shadows are so tempting, I know I'll get some sooner or later, lol.

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Thank you so much, Di. People seem to either love the Super Shock shadows or hate them. At least they're inexpensive, so worth taking the chance xx

  2. What a great ColourPop haul! I'd love to buy some of the Super Shock Blushes and those lippies look perfect!


    1. Thank you, Ingrid. If you do get those products, I hope you love them just as much xx