Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Lipstick Declutter Update #2

I must admit that I'm finding it odd to post so many pics of my face in one post, I guess it would suffice to just post swatches. But, I like to have the pics of me wearing the lipsticks for reference. Anyway these are the lipsticks I tried on.

Essence Matte Lipstick in All You Need is Red

Freedom Pro Lipstick in Juicy Lips

Maybelline Colour Jolt in Stripped Down

Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Dazzle

BH Cosmetics Color Lock Lipstick in Faithful

Rimmel Lipstick in 103

 Lacura Slim Lipstick

Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Stiletto

I love all of these lipsticks, which is great, but not so for this declutter update. Hmmm, I know I should be more ruthless, but if I like a lipstick, I will keep it. Maybe next month will prove to be a better declutter effort.

Lipstick Tally- 18

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