Monday, 9 July 2018

Nail Polish Declutter Update #9

Another nail polish declutter update full of glitter polishes.

Wedding Crasher

A pink I like, add some sparkle. Yes, I'm keeping this nail polish!

Twinkle Peach

Same deal as with the first nail polish, this one is staying in my stash.

No label

Definitely keeping the Funky Fingers polish not sure on the name, but it is a gorgeous silvery holo, I had to post a pic with the flash to show all that sparkly gorgeousness. Keeping 

Sapphire Stitch

This polish has pretty purple shimmer in a blackened blue base, but it's a bit thick to apply, so I will be decluttering it.

This BYS purple and blue glitter polish looks lovely in the bottle, but applies really patchy so I will be decluttering this one.

LA Colors polish in Sassy Sparkle

This polish is loaded with tiny little holographic "crystals". This is staying in my stash.

Australis polish in Speck-tacular

The photo does the nail polish no justice at all, I mean you can't even see it. But it is a  flakey holo in clear base. Not so exciting on its own, but over a base colour it's worth keeping.

Eternity Dragon

Although like the last polish, this glitter nail polish doesn't look so special on its own, I'll be keeping it.The photo does this polish no justice at all, but it has gorgeous holo flecks that I really should have applied over a dark nail polish shade to show just why I am not letting this one go.

My nail polish tally is now at 45


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  2. That Funky Fingers polish is spectacular! If only all holo polishes were like that.

    1. I've been disappointed by some holo polishes, too. You can see why I had to keep this one! Lol