Friday, 13 June 2014

SOTD- Arcana Soaps "Vulgar"

Among the Arcana Soaps samples that Dee had sent me, was one called "Vulgar". I must say that with a name like that, I had no idea what to expect. 
I just love the description "Vulgar is the tatted up housewife who swears like a sailor and plays punk rock at all times so the kids will be smart. Dirty cherry with dark chocolate, vanilla infused marshmallow, honey, pepper, patchouli, and a hint of smoky bacon"
What a combination! But, it totally works. At first application, I got the bitter dark chocolate, that was also sweet and syrupy. Just when I thought that it was going to be too much, the scent began to soften, revealing the spices and smoky quality. After wear, the dirtiness of the patchouli is detectable. I find that this fragrance could be unisex. Yes, it's sweet, but there's some masculine notes in there, too. 
I loved sniffing this perfume, although it's not something I'd wear, I'd certainly like to smell it on my man. Let's just say that it could certainly help to "set the mood", if you know what I mean ;)


  1. He he awesome write up Indie :)
    What an interesting scent! I love its name and love its description LOL. It certainly isn't your typical feminine fragrance! But it does sound lovely. Fingers crossed that your man manages to get it on ;D

  2. LOL, I'll splash it on him! :)