Friday, 13 June 2014

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Clinique Even Better Eyes

Clinique is a brand that is in the high end spectrum when it comes to price, yet is a favourite among many skincare devotees. Why? Because their products deliver.

When I recieved Clinique Even Better Eyes as part of a prize, I was ever so grateful. Being a product for dark eye circles fits one of my skin problems perfectly. 
Designed to hydrate and brighten eye area, therefore counteracting dark circles. Yes, this eye cream was meant for me!

The eye cream comes in a small tube. The packaging is simple, yet effective. The point of difference with this tube, is the delivery system. A metal tip with small hole to not only dispense product, but apply it. I've used roller ball types before, but found this to be more effective and gentle to the eye area. I also appreciated the cooling effect it provided during application.

The consistency is not of a thick eye cream. It has an added tint to the formula. As with most eye creams, a little goes a long way. 
Would I repurchase? I would have to say no. Not because I didn't like this eye cream, but I found for the price, I didn't get the desired results. I still have my dark, dark circles, I can't say that  I saw an improvement. The eye cream did soften them briefly thanks to the tint, but not enough that I could negate the need for a concealer. In saying this, there were some things that I really liked about the eye cream. It felt lovely and velvety on the skin, hydrating my eye area beautifully. I just loved the plumping effect and less noticeable crepiness that my eyes have. I did use Clinique Even Better Eyes morning and night, to really let it do its work, but I think it would make a much better product for night time use, as I did find that it took some time to absorb.
A beautiful product, but not quite there for me in terms of reducing my dark circles.

Do you suffer dark circles? What is your remedy? I'm still searching for something that works well!


  1. Sorry I can't help here Indie, I have ginormous bags but no dark circles. This was in my Blogstar box but I haven't tried it as yet - still trying to work through my stash of half used eye creams - but I'm hoping for an improvement in the crepey bits ♥

    1. Well, I'm sure you'll love this eye cream, hun xx