Friday, 27 June 2014

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been using a shampoo and conditioner that I am very happy with and had no intention of trying another (More on that brand in a future post). That was until I was offered to trial Schwarzkopf Ultime shampoo and conditioner from the Diamond Color range, I couldn't really say no.. :)

The duo has been formulated to slow the fading process of coloured hair, whilst providing shine which can be lacking when hair is in need of colour maintenance.

Product comes in a slim oblong shaped bottle. So easy to hold in the hand whilst in the shower. It isn't bulky, and is shaped for perfect storage on any shelf, because it doesn't take up too much room. The packaging has simple labeling, it is easy to differentiate between bottles, thanks to the block of red at the bottom of the shampoo bottle.

A flip-top lid reveals a nice sized hole for delivery of product.

The consistency of both products is typical of shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo having an iridescent finish.

The scent is the same for both shampoo and conditioner, and this could be a problem for some because it is rather strong. I actually adore it, I would love this fragrance in a moisturiser, body mist or even perfume.

I found that not only did the shampoo lather easily, it also washed out with ease. Even with a coconut oil treatment in my hair, I needed only to wash once, no need to repeat the process. 

Now in my initial review, I didn't think that I required a toning shampoo, but after a few uses, I did find that my blonde hair was becoming brassy. Not a huge problem, as I've found that even with the most expensive shampoos I need to use a toner.

The conditioner has great slip, making application a breeze. Coating my dry, damaged hair is easy, without the need for an excessive amount.

Would I repurchase? Yes! The shampoo is a perfect start in my haircare routine. Cleansing my hair, without feeling like it has been stripped, not something you want, especially for highlighted hair. My personal experience with the conditioner gave me manageable, soft, shiny hair. The range I had been using, I will continue to do so, but their products I can only access online. Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime shampoo and conditioner are easily found in the supermarket, and are a lot cheaper. When I forget, I can conveniently repurchase from this range.

I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to trial these products, I would never have guessed that they would be so good!


  1. Thanks for that article Indie.....I definitely need something when I get my highlights and this has helped me for in a couple of months. I've tried a few products after getting foils done and there wasn't anything that actually stood out for me.

    1. The only way I can maintain my highlights is by using a good toner. In conjunction with the Ultime shampoo and conditioner, I've really been happy with the result.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Mandy or Jatz..I had no idea that you were one and the same BH beauty, lol! Blonde moment, lol

  2. Terrific review Indie - I recently won the Omega Repair set from this range in a bh comp and am loving all the products. Will be doing a blogpost in the next few weeks - such great value for supermarket hair care :-)

    1. Thanks hun. Looking forward to your Omega Repair review xx