Friday, 20 June 2014

SOTD- FCUK Friction

A sample I had somehow gotten contained a fragrance that really appealed to me, the only problem was that all I had to go by was the brand FCUK. Four perfumes later, and I finally had the one I had lusted over. Thankfully these perfumes are inexpensive and I like them all. I reviewed FCUK Summer here.

Friction is described as "Pink honeysuckle, apple blossom, red berries, creamy coconut, spun sugar, vanilla absolute, pink jasmine, white vetiver, blonde woods, sandalwood, amber and magnetic musk."

It is fruity, sweet, creamy, juicy, these I like, but I need more, and this perfume delivers. Thanks to the deeper notes, such as musk and sandalwood, the fragrance has more of a deeper and grounded grown-up side to it. It makes me imagine sipping pina coladas on the beach, now wouldn't that be nice??

The perfume dries down to a soft scent that is close to the skin and quite delicate, warm and comforting.

Probably best suited for the warmer months, but I don't care, I'll wear this no-brainer of a perfume any time of year. At such a low price point, it's quite a simple, uncomplicated blend, but sometimes that's all I'm looking for.

The bottle doesn't excite me too much, but it's a lot nicer than the other FCUK oblong shaped bottles, and a lot easier to use.

I'm glad that my search is over and I now have Friction in my collection. 


  1. The notes in this fragrance sound delicious! Enjoy your perfume xx

  2. Indie, you've just described something that I just KNOW I will love! I'm so certain, I ordered it from Priceline last night - can't wait for it to arrive. Thanks heaps for posting this delicous review hon ♥

    1. Well, I hope you really like it, Kat, I'd feel terrible if you didn't! I'd love to know what you think!

    2. Hon I reckon it's a sure bet, but hey IF by some chance it's no good for me, I'll send it to you ♥ Either way there's no losing on this deal ♥

    3. I love your logic ;) You're such a sweetheart! xx

    4. Indie, it arrived, and I LOVE it! Sooooooo pretty and feminine, and matches your description perfectly. Thanks ever so much babe, and um sorry...I'm keeping it ♥

    5. Phew! I'm so so happy (and relieved) that you like it, hun xx