Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Foundation hadn't come near my face for some time, initially the reason purely being that I wanted to have a break. Because my skin has been better than normal, meaning less blemishes, the "break" from foundation lasted quite some time. When I recently decided to wear some, I decided to post my blog's 1st FOTD :)

What I used:

Foundation- Everyday Minerals Intensive Formula mineral foundation in Beige Neutral. This mineral powder has lasted me for so long, and I've barely made a dent in the jar. The foundation is full coverage. It lasts the day on me without touch-ups, and using a kabuki brush makes for easy application, without caking.

The base, crease and highlighter shadows I used from my "NARS" palette.

For a few dollars, I bought this on a cheap shopping site (can't remember which) obviously at that price, I knew it was a fake, but I thought it would be fun. Little did I know just how much I would use this palette. It contains the only eye shadow that I have ever seen the metal bottom of!

Base colour is a neutral shade. Didn't show up in a pic, but it's the colour I've used the most in this palette.

Crease colour is a dark brown.

The lid colour- A gorgeous golden bronze shadow. I received this care of the lovely and talented Michelle, creator of Ritual Eyes. As well as an informative beauty blog, there are photos of available eye shadows. Of all the shadows I have from Ritual Eyes, they are all well pigmented and the texture makes them easy to work with wet or dry. Ordering is as easy as sending Michelle an email, listed in her blog. Pricing is as follows (taken from her Ritual Eyes facebook page)
Full size 3gm pot full to the top, no sifter,$6 per pot with $4.55 shipping AUST ONLY, can fit multiple jars in one post pack :D **** Sample baggies also available**** with approx .25 gms of product, enough for multiple uses. $1.50 per sample bag with .60c shipping, shipping on more than 1 sample bag is $1.10.

Eyeliner- Majolica Majorca pen liner. The product is dispensed simply by twisting the bottom until it clicks allowing liquid liner to saturate the brush end. It is so easy to use, with the ability to apply thin or thick lines. I bought 2 of these liners for a great price on ebay. 

Mascara- I always reach for Mirenesse Sexy Secret Weapon Mascara. I love how this mascara accents my lashes and, most of all, I never have to worry about those dreaded "panda eyes", as the mascara comes off each lash in small rubber-like balls in water, it does not run. I also love the packaging. :)

Blush- Walkee Talkee from Everyday Minerals. It gives me a lovely pink flush. It does have shimmer, but I don't find that it's too much.

Lipstick- yet another Everyday Minerals product. Named Icing on the Cake, this lipstick is a muted pink. I like the colour, but I wear it a lot mainly to use it up. This is one of 4 Everyday Minerals lipsticks that I own. They are nice on the lips, I'm just not thrilled about the packaging, and there are "gritty" pieces throughout the product, there were 4 that I had to discard of because they had just too much of this "grittiness".

Lipgloss- Bourjois Rose Charismatic (29) which is a frosted pink shimmer. I am a huge fan of Bourjois glosses, super glossy and long lasting, plus there's so many colour choices in their range.

..and that's what helped me create my FOTD :)


  1. :) looking gorgeous! I almost want to look at my EDM blushes again now, but I'm strictly trying to use up some other products first....

  2. Michelle, as much as I like the EDM blushes, I'm trying to use them up, and haven't used up 1 yet!! They seem to last forever, lol.