Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Morbid The Merrier

If I could only buy perfumes from one seller (as devastating as that sounds :/) it would be The Morbid The Merrier. So far, although I haven't felt the need to purchase full sizes of all samples that I've tried, there hasn't been one that I don't like. My last purchase over a month ago, came with some yummy extras to celebrate Halloween.

One of the vials was totally crushed during transit. I know I could have had it replaced, but I was much happier with the freebie sample. I bought full sizes of:
DELINA: *It's black garters and blood red lips, sweet and sinister simultaneously. Lotus gives it innocence, amber grounds, and red wine gives it just enough naughty! I think it's something Miss Delina herself would have liked.
    Delina is sweet, she draws you in with her intoxicating florals. She is mesmerizing and heady, very sultry.. I so love this beautiful, feminine perfume.

FUN HOUSE: *Fresh milk spun with black amber, ripe berries, and bright, wild sunflowers... hints of pepper and incense barely concealed underneath.
    In the bottle, this perfume smells sweet and creamy. On, I get some of the spice of pepper, and a touch of heady incense. After wear, it becomes powdery in a nice, soft way, yet the sweet milkiness lingers beautifully. Comforting, but of course, has a dark side. I am so glad that I went ahead and just bought a full size.

CLEO: *Blackberries, sweet spices, pale musks, and dark woods.
She's spiced, sweet berries, rich and woodsy, but not too sharp. Cleo has experienced life, but she's not bitter. After wear she softens, almost soapy, but there's enough spice to prevent her from disappearing. Another unsniffed perfume bought full size, I love it!


HORSEMAN: *Fiery jack-o-lanterns, black leather boots, temple incense, and the edge of a dark Autumn wood. Opens sweet, almost caramel-foody, but after only a few minutes on the skin, it darkens dramatically, almost changing into a different scent altogether.
Sweet,spicy and hello leather. I'm not generally a fan of leather, but this is not over powering. It truly compliments this perfume. It is such a sexy unisex scent. It has enough sweetness for me to wear . It is blended so well, no note outdoes the other. This one is currently on its way in full size :)

BROM: *Rich pumpkin darkened with spices and ginger, buttery, flaky crust, and a generous dollop of cream and benzoin.
The sweetness of pumpkin, richness of the spices and ginger with the bakery note of pastry makes a perfect perfume for me. The only problem is that my skin eats this one up, and it disappears too quickly. So unfortunate, because Brom is delicious!

DHANYA: *Orange blossom, blackened amber, blood orange, whiskey, and a most decadent Indian white amber.
Woodsy, sweet and boozy. Dhanya is feminine, yet strong, she continues to sweeten over time. The amber mellows, but she still remains earthy. This one os laster on me, very nice indeed.

VOIX DE VILLE: *Succulent, juicy, ripe red apple soothed and darkened by black fruit, decadent florals and sensuous green.
Fruity and floral. THis perfume smells of apples..crisp and juicy. For some reason this perfume becomes smoky and almost dusty, however, after wear the smoke and dust clears to reveal a very sweet fruity scent, almost candied on my skin. I really love the end result, just not keen on the dusty phase of this perfume.

KATRINA: *A trio of white flowers, smoky almond, and spiced pumpkin. Sweet, but somehow really earthy, especially on the dry-down.
Dark, earthy, floral, I also detect a slight herbal note. Feminine, yet heavy and rich. Katrina has presence, she's heady. After wear, the florals continue to bloom and become sweeter, a full size is on its way!

Other TMTM perfumes I've tried are:
NATALI: *Natali is a brooding yet comforting blend of sweet, spicy orange and dark, fragrant chocolate with a heart of vanilla and wood. Directly out of the tin it smells exactly like a Terry's Chocolate Orange. After a few minutes, however, the scent begins to mellow and change into something extraordinary. A little incense, a little tobacco, a little mystery.
    When 1st applied, I get chocolate with zesty orange. The orange gives the chocolate a lovely citrus twist. Not a fake lolly choc-orange like jaffas, but like a splash of oj. This adds freshness and lifts the rich aroma of dark chocolate. Unfortunately, upon drydown, the perfume has only a subtle smell of this lovely orange, it almost gets lost in the chocolate. It's a shame, because it was the citrus twist that made Natali appealing to me. After not much wear, I can only detect a scent by sniffing my wrist, which is a deal breaker for me, because I like to get an aroma from my perfumes. I will not be getting a full size.

DESSERT ABISINTHE: *I took my usual absinthe perfume oil and softened it with cream and sugar and soft citrus. Upon opening, the first notes are lemon, sugar, and anise - very reminiscent of a lemon sugar cookie.
I find this scent to be sweet, yet interesting with the aniseed based absinthe twist. The touch of lemon makes this perfume a beautiful blend of bakery goodness, tart and booziness that the absinthe gives. It is complex, yet feminine.
COCOA D'ABSINTHE - Sweet and sinful Dessert Absinthe, with ribbons of dark bitter cocoa throughout.
    A rich chocolate take on Dessert Abisinthe. Although, there are elements of rich creamy sweet notes, I don't find this too foody. It's a grown-up chocolate anise perfume..but, with a slight boozy twist. The sharpness of the anise quickly mellows, with an almost leathery touch, not strong, but gives it just enough depth. I find this perfume so likable. I get a choc-mint scent that blends so well together. I love foody scents, but this perfume isn't that simple, I love it's complex and sexy nature. Yumm!

BALTUS: *Pumpkin, black fig, 3 musks and 2 sandalwoods, swirled with bittersweet cocoa and a drop of espresso. Indulgent!
    This combination reminds me of rich coffee, with a spicy pumpkin touch. It is a very syrup-y scent that is balanced with bitter chocolate, so that it doesn't become too cloyingly sweet. Chocolate and coffee blend so well together, pumpkin just gives it that extra sweet something.

MAXIMO: *A complex and beautiful blend of sweet cocoa, spicy black pepper, earthy patchouli with a heart of vanilla and wood.
    At 1st application, I smell the lovely scent of cocoa and vanilla. Upon drydown, it appears to be an almost masculine scent. Leathery and sexy, but definitely for my man.

LUCY:* White-out! A melange of white, white, white. White musk, white sandal, vanilla bean, indian white amber and white pepper. But don't worry. I've added enough black to keep it interesting.
    Lucy is ahead of her time, sweet, yet headstrong, she's smokey and independant. I love Lucy. The smokiness gives this bottle of white a sexy side. After wear, this perfume mellows with an almost soapy fragrance, a beautiful luxe soapy nature. I'm glad I bought a full size.

 EGGBERT: *Sweet yellow cake, tiny coconut shreds, candied walnuts, sugared violets, and vanilla, with a palate-cleansing dose of wood and moss.
    This perfume has enough foody element to satisfy sweet tooths like me. But, don't let that yellow cake and coconutty goodness fool you. The moss and wood give it earthiness, that sets it apart from being just a foody scent. The nuttiness grounds this perfume, adding to this rich, almost unisex, but sexy perfume. Love it!

 ANNABELLE: *Very complex, but with key notes of buttery carnation, rich honey, and a bite of clove. Smoky and sweet.
Rich, dark, woodsy but not sharp. Annabelle has a sweet homely side. She's earthy and intriguing. Beautiful fragrance.

Full size perfumes come in 5ml bottles with dropper to make spills less likely. Perfume oil samples are in small vials, with enough for a few applications. Solid perfumes either come in a tin, or twist-up tube. I have used both oils and solid perfumes, personally I find that the oils last longer, and the individual notes are more prominent. So far, I've ordered 3 times, and find customer service to be very good. Any questions that I've had, have been answered quickly.

I find myself being intoxicated by TMTM's scents. The perfumes I've tried all have a dark, rich quality, and are unique. The perfumes represent the often quirky old world theme, which I adore. They tend to lean towards heady, incensy scents. With such strong blends, I am happy to report that not one has given me a headache. 

Currently TMTM have a Holiday 2011 collection, consisting of 4 scents. 
X is for Xerxes - devoured by mice:     rich chocolate, sweet amber, and a kick of black pepper

M is for Maud - who was swept out to sea:   golden honey, tangy orange, baked apricot and ginger

Z is for Zillah - who drank too much gin:   frankincense, myrrh, black cypress and juniper

Q is for Quentin - who sank in a mire:   almond cake, glazed walnuts, and black tea leaves.

(Taken from the site)

Currently, I'm waiting on an order to arrive..I have a feeling I'll be ordering again soon, Xerxes, Maud and Quentin are calling me!! :)

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  1. Great reviews! I have only tried half of them. I ordered Delina, Lucy and Horseman as full sizes. Thanks for suggesting :)
    I felt exactly the same with Lucy. It is incredibly soapy in the dry down.