Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Made By Mandikins

With a cute name like Made By Mandikins, how could I not purchase from this Etsy store?? :) I just had to try the pressed eye shadow quads. After much deliberation, I only decided on 2 palettes. This was some time ago, as I have been on a make up no-buy for about 2 months. I have been trying to drag out make up reviews of new products, lol.

Golden Delish palette.

Earth Mother palette.

The pressed shadows come in clear plastic palettes. They are now packaged in magnetic compacts, which look much classier in my opinion. The shadows themselves are just lovely to use, beautifully pigmented and smooth texture. I have so many loose mineral eye shadows and am finding that pressed shadows are much easier to use, and less messy!
Made By Mandikins offers many other products also, which I will need to try in future when I get off this damn no-buy!! LOL


  1. Oh boy, I'm in trouble hon - just fallen head over heals in love with the Under the Sea quad! Thanks for the brilliant swatches, and I adore how you applied these pigments :-)

    1. I'm sure that you'd have fun playing with the colours, hun xx

  2. These look great! Such beautiful colours.