Tuesday, 17 September 2013

NOTD- All Zipped Up

When it comes to my nails, I like to try new things. Some work, many I can't master, but I have fun trying. 
I'd heard of decals before, and thought I should give them a go. A quick search on ebay, and I found some different designs. They are so simple to apply. First you cut out your design, remove the outer layer of plastic and then, not unlike a fake tattoo, submerge it in water for about 30 seconds, followed by placing it on the desired position on the nail. 

To create the base colour, I used the "clingwrap" method, starting with 2 coats of the light blue nail polish, then the navy blue colour. Whilst the Lancome polish was still wet, I dabbed a scrunched up piece of clingwrap to try and create a denim stone washed look.

Once my mani was dry,  I applied some cute zipper decals. This looked fine, but I really wanted to fill in where the zips were open. To do this, I used foils. To apply foils, all that is needed is a coat of glue, wait for it to dry, then rub the foil on the nail. It wasn't as neat as I wanted, but it was effective, and wasn't as obvious when not so close up, lol.

The zippers are just so cute! 


  1. Oh, I LOVE these! They are gorgeous! Love what you did with adding the foil too! xx

  2. Another amazing mani hon - the stonewash effect is brilliant, you're just too clever :-)